What is Evergreen Content? And Why Does it Matter for SEO?

Evergreen Content for SEO

What is Evergreen Content?

There is a common misconception that when you develop pieces of content for a blog post, you need to take a one-and-done type of approach. The post will focus on one individual subject and if it works, great! If not, then you try again with something else. However, in the digital marketing world, you must develop a marketing strategy that includes a variety of blog posts including posts that are considered to be evergreen topics. Evergreen topics are meant to stay fresh and developed for the long hall. This type of news article or informational piece is meant to be sustainable and continues to be relevant throughout time. 

Combining Evergreen Content and SEO 

Any good digital marketing company will tell you that you should always partner evergreen content with your search engine optimization strategy. The two go hand in hand. Evergreen content gives you the chance to take that content, promote it time and time again, and increase traffic to your site which is the goal of any business owner. With a combination of online marketing strategies including social media and general on-page optimization, you have a better possibility of seeing the increase in website traffic that you want and need. 

How To Format Evergreen Content for SEO

There are several tips for writing evergreen articles. The first thing that you need to do is keyword research. If you’re going to put together an evergreen article, you should always do extensive keyword research and incorporate as many keywords in that article as are relevant to your topic. This gives you a stronger possibility of seeing an increase in your traffic. Using longtail keywords and short keywords will only give more traction to your article and give you a better possibility of someone taking the time to reach your blog. 

Another important aspect of tackling evergreen content and SEO is to have a game plan in mind when it comes to topics that you want to hit. In many cases, this is something that will be dictated based on the keywords that you find. A good rule of thumb is that once you narrow down your keyword discoveries, put together a list of topics and a content spreadsheet for yourself month after month. This is something that will keep you in check when it comes to content. 

Of course, you can always partner with a digital marketing agency such as Blue Interactive which will provide you with all of these great features in one complete package. When you work with us, not only will we take care of the keyword research but we will help you to develop content and materials that will be published to your site and get the traffic that you want and need to bring in clients. 

Examples of Evergreen Content

One of the great examples of evergreen content is how-to guides. Howto guides are not only information but they can always be changed or adjusted. For example, if you were to develop a complete writing guide, some of the things that you include in this complete guide may change or you may even want to add to it over time. These continued adjustments are things that result in getting content that ranks and is golden when it comes to your role as an authority in the industry. 

Create Long Lasting SEO Content with Blue Interactive Agency

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