If you’re in business, you should be using email to market your company. Email is a versatile marketing strategy, with a proven reach that is wider than other marketing channels. Right now, there are 3.7 billion email users in the world. And that number is expected to reach 4.1 billion by 2021, according to Statistica.

Email has become the preferred way for customers to connect with brands. Over70% of people say they prefer companies to communicate with them through email (MarketingSherpa). And best of all, email is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods available, delivering a stunning 122% ROI (eMarketer).


When you hire Blue Interactive Agency to handle your email marketing, you get the benefit of our fifteen years of experience. As a full-service online marketing agency, we have the creative talent to handle every aspect of your email marketing campaigns.

Our talented team includes expert graphic designers, copywriters, and account managers. Fifteen years of experience have made us experts at conversion optimization, with the skills and knowledge to handle even the largest email campaigns with ease.

We offer a variety of email services to meet your every need at Blue Interactive. You can choose one or more services to supplement your own email marketing efforts, or rely on us to take care of all your email marketing chores for you.

We offer a full range of professional email marketing services, including creative and graphic design, list acquisition and management, content creation services, email deliverability, and more.

Email List Need an email blast to announce your latest sale or promotion? Blue Interactive is here to help! We can design and send one of a kind email blasts or a series of blasts as needed. We’ll handle design and distribution, and include tracking and reporting to make it easy to determine your ROI. To help you stay in touch with your customers, Blue Interactive can create engaging newsletters that will keep your company “top of mind,” with your existing subscriber list. Salesforce reports that 95% of people consider newsletters from a recognized brand to be useful. Our newsletters are designed to keep your audience interested and engaged, with easy to digest content, attractive images, and a relatable style.

Let Blue Interactive handle the chores of email list acquisition and management for you. We can collect email marketing responses, and set up drip campaigns to follow up and secure subscribers.

For companies looking to expand their reach in a hurry, we can send emails to a rented or purchased list. We will design emails to suit your specific purpose, sending them out on your desired schedule.

Advertising on publications other than your own is a great way to reach a new, qualified audience. We can advertise on other brand’s e-newsletters that compliment your industry and have similar demographics to your audience.

We offer a full range of professional email marketing services, including creative and graphic design, list acquisition and management, content creation services, email deliverability, and more.

You get the best of all worlds when you choose Blue Interactive. We put all of our resources to work creating winning email marketing campaigns for our clients.

In order to generate the best ROI from your email campaigns, you should have a set strategy with solid goals. Blue Interactive Agency is experienced at creating highly effective email marketing strategies for companies in every type of industry.

​​​​​​​Determine your goals

Email can accomplish a wide range of marketing goals. We begin by helping you determine what you want to accomplish with your emails, and set specific goals and benchmarks.

Identify your target audience

We start by looking at your customers and current subscriber list, examine your competitors’ customers, and delve into your industry as a whole. We’ll look at your customer demographics and the goals you want to accomplish to identify your ideal audience.

Grow your subscriber list

Blue Interactive can provide everything you need to grow your subscriber list. We are experts at incentivizing website visitors into becoming subscribers. We can create relevant content and one-time offers to encourage subscribers. We provide GDPR-compliant opt-in forms for your website, and help you find the best placement to generate the highest response rate.

If you are concerned that your existing signups may have given consent in a way that is not GDPR compliant, we can run a re-permission campaign for you. Despite dire predictions, 60% of brands complying with GDPR saw their email lists shrink by less than 10% (Litmus). Compliance can actually improve your ROI by removing inactive and unengaged subscribers from your list. This lets you focus on the subscribers who actively engage with your brand.

Segment your subscriber list

Segmenting email lists has been proven to generate a much better marketing result. Click rates are 100.95% higher with segmented campaigns than with non-segmented ones (according to Mailchimp). Blue Interactive excels at using your subscribers’ data to create tightly targeted email campaigns that are directly relevant to your audience.

We help you create buyer personas and segment your subscriber list by whatever metrics work best for your company. That may be family size, buying patterns, subscribe date, interest groups, or some other characteristic. For B2B companies, we can segment by industry, company size, yearly revenue, and more.

Design targeted campaigns

Once we have your subscriber list segmented, we’ll design highly targeted campaigns for each segment that will accomplish your marketing goals.

Whether you are sending out a monthly newsletter, introducing your new product line, or highlighting a special promotion, you need a great email design to get your message across. ​​​​​​​Blue Interactive specializes in creating exceptional email designs that are distinctive without being distracting.

Every element of your email design is crafted to perfectly fit your industry, message, and audience, to generate the best response from your subscribers:

Email subject lines that are personalized can increase opens by as much as 16%, according to SuperOffice. We deliver short, catchy subject lines that are personalized to grab your recipients’ attention. We use succinct phrases and create a sense of urgency to increase your open rate, while accurately describing the email contents so no one feels tricked or disappointed.

Your emails will feature your signature colors and logo so they are instantly recognizable as representing your brand. Content will be organized into easily digested sections, with bold headers and short blocks of text so customers can zero in on their topics of interest. Sharing buttons included throughout the email will encourage social engagement and attract more subscribers.

Emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds, according to Campaign Monitor. Since the majority of emails are opened on a smartphone or other mobile device (Hubspot), we use responsive design to make sure your emails display perfectly no matter how they are viewed. Mobile-friendly elements such as scalable fonts, fast-loading images, and thumb-clickable calls-to-action ensure that none of your messages get tossed or overlooked.

Highly relevant images heighten your audience’s interest and increase the emails’ appeal. We use a variety of image types, choosing from photos, animated gifs, and videos, to provide the optimum format to complement your message. ALT text conveys the substance of the images to audience members who block images.

Meaningful calls-to-action engage your audience’s attention and motivate them to take your desired actions. Each email includes several call-to-action buttons with designs that make them “pop,” to trigger interaction and lead your audience to your desired destination.

You can rest easy when you choose Blue Interactive Agency, knowing that we follow industry best practices for subscriber acquisition, list management, and data protection. We understand how to create email campaigns that are compliant with the European Union’s new privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We can create email opt-ins that require positive consent and double permission, and ensure every email we send for you includes an easy way to unsubscribe.

Whatever your goals, we can help you accomplish them. What can email marketing do for you?

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If you want customers to look forward to your emails, you need to give them content that amuses, intrigues, or helps them in some way. Delivering emails that are simply promotional will land you on the spam list in a hurry.

We choose topics of interest that matter to your desired market. We create a content strategy that is carefully tailored so your emails resonate with your audience while providing a significant value. Our expert writers make sure your emails are free of typos and errors, to present a professional polish. To make the biggest impact, each email will be written in a relatable style that connects with customers in your industry.

test, refine, (test again) and send

Email marketing is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. At Blue Interactive, we are always looking for ways to increase clicks and improve conversion rates. We employ A/B testing to find the best way to reach your audience, comparing subject lines, messaging, calls-to-action, and more.

We use the results of our tests to refine your emails and make them as effective as possible. Once our testing determines the ideal design elements, copy, and best sending time for maximum deliverability, we send your emails to your desired audience.

Depending on your email goals, we may use A/B testing on any or all of the following elements:

Subject Lines





Design Layout

Landing Pages

Sending Time

We deep dive into analytics

Once your emails have been delivered, we dive deep into analytics to gain marketing insights. We look at key performance indicators to see what we can improve. We examine all the critical data about your email campaigns: opens and click-through rates, conversions, amount of time recipients spent reading your email, and other metrics to judge the effectiveness of each email campaign.

We will help you find areas for improvement and accurately figure your ROI. Every piece of data is analyzed to see how we can make your email campaigns more effective.

You can count on Blue Interactive Agency to fulfill all your email marketing needs. We offer a full range of professional email marketing services, whether you are looking for individual email services to supplement your in-house efforts or want us to handle all your email marketing needs.

Our dedicated team is ready to help with creative and graphic design services, list management, content creation services, email deliverability, and more.