Should You Do 100% of Your SEO In House?

SEO in house vs outsourcing

Top Considerations to Keep in Mind When Designing an SEO Marketing Strategy

Regardless of what industry you specialize in, putting together a comprehensive SEO marketing strategy to enhance your online presence should always be a priority to any business. An important decision that a business owner will need to make involves developing a plan for SEO in house vs. outsourcing it to a marketing company. By formulating an SEO marketing strategy specific your business type, you can reach customers targeting your particular company.

Importance of SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, plays a unique and essential role for any website. Although SEO’s premise may seem overwhelming, the reasonings for ensuring your website utilizes this approach are crystal clear. Business owners primarily use their websites to demonstrate expertise in the field and engage prospective clients. Utilizing SEO is a top way of driving more traffic to your website. This practice is done through a combination of online marketing techniques, including developing engaging content using specific keywords.

SEO In House vs. Outsourcing Scenarios

When you consider whether you should tackle your SEO needs in house vs. outsourcing, there are many details to consider. Here are a few examples of why it is usually beneficial to combine your in-house SEO staff with an outside team:

Getting an SEO Refresher

It’s important to remember the analytics behind the premise of SEO always remains influx. If you manage a larger company, it’s still helpful to have an outside source come in from time-to-time to audit your SEO approach. Smaller companies would benefit from dedicating some of their team toward researching SEO best practices and collaborating with a dedicated SEO company regarding their findings. Utilizing a company specializing in SEO ensures you can access the latest marketing techniques in an evolving medium.

Learning How to Develop SEO Properly

If your team has been working diligently to improve your SEO ranking and are not seeing the results you are hoping for, it may be beneficial to get a fresh set of eyes to analyze your efforts. Additionally, if you happen to notice the traffic to your site has suddenly gone down, it’s vital to have an outside source look into your SEO marketing strategy to gauge where improvements can be made.

Creating Engaging Content

It’s often very time consuming to keep up with the regular attention that a website requires to be successful. If you have a big project coming up or need to create a large amount of content generated for a specific part of your website, a good rule of thumb entails turning to an outside partner. This step ensures your company’s everyday responsibilities are not neglected while focusing on content creation or an SEO technique.

Utilizing a Non-SEO Team

It’s not uncommon for many businesses to struggle to learn the intricacies of SEO. If you are struggling to teach your team about SEO’s technicalities and its proper uses, you may want to think about outsourcing some of the work to a company with more expertise to help identify underperforming areas.

Let the Blue Interactive Marketing Team Help You

The team at Blue Interactive Marketing remains well versed in SEO and the best practices that can help make your company’s website noticeable to your target audience. We work with each client to develop an SEO marketing strategy to help your business grow organically and develop a broader customer base.

Our team has experience collaborating with companies of all sizes in many industries, and we pride ourselves on giving you the personalized experience and attention you deserve. Please give us a call today at 954-779-2801 to learn more about how we can increase your SEO ranking.