Grow brand awareness, build customer relationships,
and drive sales. Social media marketing does it all.

Social media has become an essential part of our lives. It’s the first place we turn to build connections, share our passions, and discover the latest trends and products.

Consumers now expect companies to have an active presence on social media. Social marketing has moved from a good idea to an absolute necessity for companies of all types.

We can help you with every stage of your social marketing, from establishing your initial presence to engaging with customers on a daily basis. We create data-driven strategies and deliver the best content mix for your particular brand, using a combination of organic posts and paid ads to create loyal fans, friends, and followers.

For more than 15 years, Blue Interactive Agency has been dedicated to developing successful social marketing strategies for B2B and B2C companies.

Whatever objectives you have for social marketing, Blue Interactive Agency delivers.

Grow followers
Increase engagement
Improve brand sentiment
Establish as thought leader

Inform customers
Drive website traffic
Identify /nurture leads
Partner with influencers

Identify crises
Positive interactions
Manage communications
Deliver customer service/support

Gain customer insights
Monitor the competition
Optimize social strategies
Prove your business ROI

Social marketing works for B2B too

Social marketing is a useful way to engage prospects whether you are a B2B, B2C, or mixed B2B/B2C company. Some B2B companies have been slow to embrace social marketing, but that’s a mistake. 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions, yet only 27% of top companies said their C-level executives were actively engaged in social media last year. Social marketing has proven to be a highly effective way to engage with customers in every industry, even those once considered “boring”.

Blue Interactive understands the challenges of B2B social marketing. Our talented team creates content that resonates with business leaders, positioning your company as an executive thought leader. We establish credibility and build your reputation by posting relevant news, advice, and insightful commentary on industry-related issues.

Social media has such an extensive reach that if you’re not using it to grow your business, you’re missing out on one of the most effective marketing tools available.

While there’s no question that social media marketing is effective, doing it right takes time. A lot of time.

Creating compelling content, staying current on social trends, maintaining a consistent presence, evaluating the results… Succeeding at social marketing requires a considerable investment of time.

Unless you have a dedicated social marketer at your company, devoting that much time to a single advertising channel just isn’t practical.

56% of companies list lack of time as their biggest
challenge when it comes to social marketing.

When you hire Blue Interactive Agency, you get a team of dedicated, experienced social marketers working on your behalf.

We’re experts at engaging with customers on a social basis while still achieving the desired results in branding, lead generation, social PR, and more. We delve deep into analytics, constantly refining our social strategies to make them more effective.

We have the right tools, resources, and training to handle the challenges of social so you can concentrate on running your business.

Social reach keeps growing

3.2 billion+ active users on social media 1 million new social media users every day 7 in 10 people in North America use social media daily

Social relationships affect buying decisions

41% of global internet users use social to research new brands or products 62% of people are likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow

Social media has overtaken television

2hrs. 15 min. average time spent on social media every day
15 minutes longer spent on social media than watching TV

Investment in social marketing is rising

$51.3 billion expected social media advertising revenue in 2018 32% expected increase in social media advertising budgets in 2018

Let’s build a winning social media strategy

Blue Interactive Agency specializes in creating dynamic social marketing strategies that build a strong positive brand for companies. We’re dedicated social marketers, with a deep understanding of how to create engaging campaigns that help brands connect with their audience, providing the right mix of social and promotion to achieve your marketing objectives without turning off your customers.

Whether you need to improve a single aspect of your social marketing or want us to handle all your social media marketing chores from start to finish, you can count on Blue Interactive to deliver exactly what you need.

When you have Blue Interactive handling your social media, we develop a results-driven social marketing strategy with specific benchmarks to measure its success. We gather real-world data on your current social media efforts (if any), your competitors, and industry leaders.

Analyzing that information helps us establish solid goals for your social marketing efforts, determining specific benchmarks for each social platform. Social listening and real-time monitoring enables us to gauge what works with your audience, implementing the results to fine-tune your social media strategy and make it more effective.

Do you need to grow awareness of your company? Maybe you need to generate more leads or increase in-person sales. Whatever challenges your company faces, we will identify the social marketing goal(s) that will ease the pressure.

Once we know what you want to accomplish with social media, we dig deep to examine the demographics of your customers. We create buyer personas and identify the best approach on each social platform to connect with your ideal audience.

We employ social listening and monitor the results of your social marketing campaigns in real-time to determine their effectiveness. Using this information, we constantly refine your social marketing efforts to make them more effective at achieving your goals.

Blue interactive uses a full suite of analytics and reporting features to audit your social strategies. We examine the performance of your organic and paid media, judge their success at meeting your goals, and determine your ROI. We give you solid data that you can use to determine the best way to allocate your marketing spend.

60% of small business owners are unable to track the ROI of their social media marketing

The latest updates to Facebook and other social networks have made it harder than ever to get organic posts seen by customers. Social networks are prioritizing content from family and friends, and organic reach is declining significantly for companies. Only posts that spark meaningful interactions are going to get through to reach your customers.

At Blue Interactive Agency, we understand that the best way to grow your brand’s organic reach is by creating quality posts that educate, entertain, and engage. We find and work with influencers to build trust in your brand and gain exposure. We use story-telling to create compelling videos and content that sparks interaction and gets people talking. Because once we get the conversation rolling, that’s when followers comment and share your posts with their family and friends.