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Using Competitor Research to Improve Your SEO - Blue Interactive Agency

Using Competitor Research to Improve Your SEO

In a recent article, Search Engine Journal discussed how competitor analysis can lead to strategic keyword development to enhance SEO. We’ll highlight some of the article’s key points like defining competition and provide our own takeaway.  Here is an excerpt from the article: 7 Ways to Identify Your Competitors for Better SEO Keyword Research By Amy Lyons, published by Search

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What Makes A Good Marketing Competitior Analysis

What Makes A Good Marketing Competitor Analysis

The article, What Marketing Competitor Analysis Is and How to Do It published on Business 2 Business Community, Feb 27, 2021 provided a breakdown on a Marketing Competitor Analysis.  Here is part of the article. “Knowing your competitor’s brand, their success rate, and the way they advertise themselves will help you come up with aggressive tactics to win over the customer base….you

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Competitor Analysis

Why Do a Competitor Analysis for Your Online Business?

The Complete Competitor Analysis Checklist Any business owner will tell you they are continuously on the lookout for ways to maintain the leading edge on the competition. One of the ultimate ways any company connects with a customer is through maintaining a pristine website. However, if you realize that you are not generating the website traffic you want or clients

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Website Audit

A Complete Website Audit Check List

What to Know When Performing a Website Audit   Regardless of what industry you are in, your website is a significant part of a business in today’s technology-driven world. When your website is lackluster in appearance or certain site features are not efficient, you run the risk of losing business. Taking the time to perform a regular website audit can help

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How to Successfully Perform an Online Competitor Analysis

How to Successfully Perform an Online Competitor Analysis

Why Is It Important to Know Your Competitors?   Regardless of what field you are in, it’s critical to always keep up with the latest trends in the industry. Business owners are constantly on the lookout to determine what they can do to make their online presence more appealing to potential customers and keep current customers coming back. One of the

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