EDITORIAL: How Google’s Core Updates Can Affect Your Website

How Googe's Core Updates Can Affect Your Website - Blue Interactive Agency

Recently, Inc published an article about Google’s core algorithm updates and how they’re affecting businesses, sometimes negatively with a drop in search engine rank. Naturally, this produces a sensation among SEO specialists that is not unlike stepping on a thumbtack. Here, we’ll explore the article’s key points about what businesses should know about this issue and provide our own commentary.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Exclusive: Google’s Public Search Liaison on Core Algorithm Updates and How They Affect Your Business

By Jason Aten, published by Inc.

1“As Google’s algorithm changes, it can mean changes in where your content ranks in comparison with other sites. In some cases, sites that rank highly can drop significantly, resulting in dramatic changes in traffic to the site. If you’re a business owner who depends on traffic from Google, that can be confusing and frustrating. Often, it can also mean fewer customers and less revenue…

Don’t panic.

If you notice that your website has suddenly lost a significant amount of traffic, it’s natural to want to know what happened. It’s also a fairly normal human response to panic. The problem is, panicking never makes anything better. Instead, recognize that it isn’t the end of the world, or your business, and make a plan to improve your content…

Get your tech SEO in order.

Of course, not panicking doesn’t actually help you solve what can be a very real problem–lost traffic. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure Google is able to read your site the way your visitors do. The company makes available a lot of information about the technical aspects of SEO, but here are a few of the easiest things you can do to get started…

Think about your customer.

When creating content on your website, think about the experience of the user. What are they looking for, and what question are you answering for them? Ultimately, Google’s goal is to provide an answer to that question.”


Blue’s Take on How These Google Updates Affect Your Website:

The author doesn’t waste much time lamenting about Google’s updates to its algorithms and the tizzy it throws a business into. Instead, he takes a proactive approach to dealing with an issue that promises to be ongoing. Google will continue to update in its quest to improve user experiences. 

In order to win back the rank that businesses worked so hard to achieve (and invested precious marketing dollars in) is to focus on technical SEO. Technical SEO is a core SEO focal point in any case, and something that businesses don’t attend to once; it’s an ongoing endeavor to maintain optimization. If your business notes a drop in rank, one of the first things it can do is revisit the technical aspects of its SEO. Make sure that load times meet exceed minimum recommendations. Check links and make adjustments to page structure if needed, for example. 

After that, the author recommends revisiting your content to ensure that it’s supporting a positive user experience. Unnatural use of keywords? That’s going to be a problem going forward because it detracts from that all-important user experience.

At Blue Interactive Agency, our digital marketing pros and SEO specialists approach SEO through the lens of what Google likes best. We can help your business stay up to date with Google’s algorithm changes, reducing your risk for a drop in page rank and loss of revenue. If you have questions about how your website can improve their SEO, give us a call at 954-779-2801.