Using Keywords to Boost Your Website Traffic


How to Use Keywords to Boost Site Traffic

Suppose you’ve noticed your website isn’t gaining the following you hoped it would, or perhaps you’re disappointed with your current rankings. In that case, a possibility exists that you aren’t using the right keywords.

Keywords are a critical part of any SEO strategy. Without those focused and targeted keywords, there is a strong possibility your website will not perform the way you hoped it would due mainly to the fact you aren’t using words that people are searching for on their search engine of choice.

How Keywords Are Used for SEO

Keywords are the terms or the string of words that a potential customer uses to search for a particular topic. These important search topics and the terms used to identify them should always be incorporated into certain aspects of your search engine optimization strategy. From content to titles to meta descriptions, using high search volume keyphrases numerous times on your website could change your website’s overall traffic noticeably.

How to Find Keywords for Your Business

One of the questions that we commonly receive from clients revolves around the best way to find keyphrases for their business. There are several free tools you can utilize to find keywords. SEMRush and UberSuggest are two of the most popular options because they provide users with many keyword options and recommendations regarding how you can expand your keyword research.

To begin the process of finding the right keyphrases for your business, you can start by entering a service you offer in the search bar, look through your results and begin to build on your findings. Another good rule of thumb entails looking at your competitor’s website and seeing if any wording stands out to you. From there, you can modify your keyword research to account for additional keywords you can incorporate into your SEO strategy.

Where to Use Keywords in Your Content

Keywords can be incorporated into multiple places of your website. For example, including terms into your content pages, blogs, titles, and meta descriptions can make a noticeable change in the traffic to your website. It’s important to remember that keyphrases should always be used in relevant content. If a search engine picks up on the fact that you’re using keywords but that it doesn’t seem to match the services you offer, there is a possibility that you may actually see your rankings fall, so you must use them at the right place at the right time.

SEO Keywords in URLs

While it’s essential to use your keyphrases in your content, it’s also important to remember to use keyphrases when developing the URL for the page. The wording you use after the “.com” of the page is commonly referred to as the slug. The vocabulary used in the slug is something that you can adjust and modify before publishing the page. Incorporating your keywords into the slug can give you a higher chance of improving the page’s overall ranking.

Contact Blue for Help With Keywords

Finding the right terms for your business can be time-consuming and feel overwhelming. When you collaborate with the SEO experts at Blue Interactive Agency, you can count on receiving quality results from our comprehensive keyword research. We will provide you with the feedback you need to select the right keywords to put your website at the top of a Google search. If you would like to learn more about the importance of keywords, or you’re ready to begin putting together an SEO strategy, please give us a call at 954-779-2801 today.