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    What Is SEO & Why Hire Blue?

    If you’ve started to look into digital marketing, then you’ve likely heard the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines such as Google sort through an impossibly large number of websites to provide users with relevant high-quality results for their searches. Search engines do this by using complex algorithms that search, or “crawl”, all listed websites and determine which web pages will provide users with the best information they’re seeking online.   

    So, what is Search Engine Optimization? SEO is a strategy that digital marketers use to make a website rise above its competition in search engine results pages. SEO experts know how to optimize websites in ways that make it easier for search engines to find it.  Essentially SEO will help your website to consistently appear higher in search results and be more frequently clicked on by consumers as a result. As search engine algorithms have developed over the years, they’ve become more and more intelligent. It’s no longer possible to trick search engines into thinking that your website is better than another. Today’s search engines operate more like actual internet users, preferring websites that are well designed, well written, and properly structured.

    Optimizing your website for search engines has become a complex endeavor even though the ideas behind it may seem simple. Effective SEO requires a multi-layered strategy.  It includes technical aspects like how quickly the pages load.  It also includes on-page aspects like the quality and quantity of the content on your site.  And there are also important off-site factors that impact SEO, for example, links from other reputable websites act as digital votes of confidence that help to convey your website’s authority and trustworthiness within your field.  These and other important factors of SEO are constantly evolving and the experts at Blue Interactive Agency have their fingers on the pulse of this ever-changing field.

    So, why hire Blue Interactive Agency?  Because we are SEO experts and we know how to put it to use for your business.  But you don’t have to take our word for it.  See the graph below which shows the increase in organic traffic to one of our clients’ sites:

    Blue Interactive Digital Marketing Agency Best SEO Companies Fort Lauderdale

    At Blue Interactive Agency, we have built our reputation on getting results.  We track every one of our campaigns meticulously and provide each of our clients with detailed monthly reports which clearly illustrate the gains their business is making month over month.  Our clients never have to wonder where their marketing dollars are being spent or whether they are seeing a worthwhile return on their investment.  By tracking and analyzing everything we do,  we can see what’s working and where there are opportunities to continue to improve.  In Fort Lauderdale, you have many digital marketing companies to choose from.  Why not choose the one that holds itself totally accountable to its clients?  

    Blue Interactive Agency is an all-in-one solution for internet marketing. Our tested and proven services can effectively manage every aspect of internet marketing from branding, web design, and SEO to social media marketing campaigns, lead generation, pay-per-click campaigns, email marketing, and more. We are your partners in business and can tackle every aspect of your online marketing efforts to grow your business. Think of Blue Interactive Agency as an extension of your business, working to bring your company to the forefront of the online world where it can thrive.

    Organic SEO Explained

    Search results can be broken down into 2 categories: organic and paid.   Paid search refers to the advertisements that appear at the top of a search results page and are based on an auction system.   Organic search refers to the unpaid search results that appear below the advertisements on a search results page.   These results are called “organic” because they occur naturally as a result of relevance to the search query entered by the user. Since Google and other search engines’ primary goal is to provide the best possible search result, the goal of organic SEO is essentially to provide a website with content, infrastructure, and optimization that makes it worthy to be among the top search results. Organic SEO explained in this way is all of the optimizations that go into achieving a high rank in search results for search terms that are associated with your product or service.

    Organic traffic that comes from search engines accounts for roughly half of all website traffic. Paid search results, for example, only accounts for roughly 10 percent of website traffic. Therefore, organic SEO is extremely important if you want your business to generate the sales needed to grow and thrive.

    Organic SEO is a pivotal part of your digital marketing campaign. While paid ads on Google or social media platforms like Facebook are important, they should form a part of a larger campaign that aims to drive as much traffic to your website as possible. Since organic traffic accounts for such a large section of overall website traffic, not leveraging it for your business can be a costly mistake in the long run.

    Blue Interactive Agency is a digital marketing agency Fort Lauderdale. Our expert SEO team can create a website that is perfectly optimized to generate organic search engine traffic or potentially overhaul an existing website so that it can rank higher on search engines. This will increase inbound traffic, improve your online presence and visibility, generate sales leads, help to attract local clients, and improve customer engagement. Through our SEO services, we will help to establish your brand and company as an industry authority.

    Content Marketing & SEO

    The most popular search engine, Google, has become exceptionally good at providing users with search results that are high quality, keep the reader’s attention, and provide them with a wealth of knowledge on the topics they search for. The more their algorithm evolves, the better they become at improving user experience.

    Content marketing and SEO of that content is the backbone of an organic SEO marketing campaign. It is the stuff that makes your website a place to visit, to learn, and most importantly, a trusted place to purchase products or services. If you think about it, everything that is on your website is content. Yes, there may be some behind-the-scenes, technical things that don’t fall into the visible content category, but the only thing that anyone comes to your website for is the content that’s on it.

    Content marketing and SEO are tied together. Without content, then all of the SEO that can be done doesn’t have a destination to go to. Content is what drives SEO. A client may search for your type of product or service on Google, and when they click on your website, it’s the content that they came to see.

    Blue Interactive understands how important content marketing is in an SEO marking campaign. We aim to understand what your company’s voice is, what you represent, and how you envision your brand. Our team of talented writers then takes this information and creates content on your website, blog, emails, and social media to engage your ideal audience while incorporating SEO best practices so that your content is not only engaging for your audience but so that search engines can find it.

    Link Building & SEO

    As we’ve discussed, how search engines determine which web pages will be used as the ideal search result is complex. It draws from not only the information found on a website, but it also draws from other external factors such as whether the website is being referenced and talked about.

    For example, if one website has over 200 links that direct to it on reputable websites, then it is likely a more authoritative source than a website with no links from other reputable websites. This aspect of the algorithm is what makes it possible for search engines to quickly pick up on new trends because a website may provide important new information that is then talked about and linked to from thousands of other websites.  

    Link building and SEO is the process of creating these links to your website to improve your search engine rank and to generate leads from the websites that link to your products and services. Blue Interactive can create a network of links that direct customers to your business. These link building strategies are carried out by getting content onto reputable websites that will improve your SEO and ultimately your search engine rank.

    If you have a great website, social media engagement, and search engine optimized content and backend development but are still struggling to get ranked on Google, then a link building strategy can be your key to success. Blue Interactive can take all of the legwork out of link building and SEO so that you can put your attention on running your business.

    Google Maps & Google My Business Rankings

    Google Maps and Google My Business rankings are a crucial element of driving local sales. For a business that operates locally or wants to increase their local business, it can allow you to rank highly on a particular search result even if that search result will yield different results when you search for it without geolocation. Essentially, you may be able to achieve a high rank in a competitive market because you are focusing on local searches.

    Local searches on Google for products and services have an impressive 80 percent conversion rate because when a customer is ready to buy, they will search for the product or service locally. Leveraging Google Maps and Google My Business rankings can lead to substantial inbound local traffic with a high conversion rate.

    When a customer searches for a business that can service their needs, they will be given the company’s contact information, location, business hours, reviews, and photos or videos. 88 percent of people who make such searches will contact or visit the business within a day.

    However, even though there is potentially less competition in the local market, the way that a search engine like Google will rank those results leaves room for only 3 main results, known as the “local 3 pack”. Blue Interactive Agency can create and then manage your local SEO. With our help, your business will stand out among your local competitors, and thanks to our expertise in local SEO, your business can rank highly among the search engine results.

    As with much of an SEO campaign, updating content regularly helps to not only keep your target audience engaged in your product or service, but it helps to improve your rankings. Blue Interactive can maintain your local online presence by responding to reviews, adding new content and photos, and updating your status such as operating hours around public holidays. With our local SEO expertise, your business will be at the forefront of the local market.

    Technical SEO

    So far, we’ve discussed many of the aspects of SEO and online marketing that happen at a surface level or the level at which your customers can see, and looked at what helps to rank your website on search engines. Optimizing your website for search engines, however, can be very technical, too

    Technical SEO is the stuff that happens behind the scenes that are aimed at providing information for search engines in a way that search engines can easily read. Technical SEO is a fundamental building block for any effective digital marketing campaign. It includes proper indexing to make your site easy to “crawl”, JavaScript indexing, linking strategies, meta tags, sitemaps, keyword research, and much more.

    Technical SEO is an aspect of digital marketing that is continually evolving. What may have been effective two years ago might not be effective anymore. In fact, if you were to use an outdated method, then Google’s algorithm will likely penalize your website. It is an element of SEO that often requires a great deal of expertise to pull off properly.

    We at Blue Interactive Agency have a wealth of experience creating stunning websites from the scratch with the fundamentals of effective technical SEO built-in. A website has to be more than just aesthetically pleasing; it has to have the technical backbone that creates the foundation for a successful digital marketing plan. Through our team of experts, we can take care of all of the technical aspects of SEO so that you don’t have to worry that your website is being penalized for incorrect or outdated technical SEO.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research plays another important role in ranking high on search engines. After all, you are ranking based on a particular search term. For example, if you sell beauty products, a search term that will be used by your target market might be “organic makeup”. Organic makeup in this case is what is known as the keyword. When a customer searches for that term, if you appeared as the second result on Google’s first page, then you can expect to receive inbound traffic to your website looking for organic makeup.

    Keywords can be highly competitive because many businesses are vying for them. This is true for short terms such as “makeup”. However, the terms that people use to search for products can vary greatly, for example, one person may search for “organic makeup as a gift” and another may search for “buy organic makeup in Fort Lauderdale”. This is where keyword research becomes important.

    Establishing keywords can be difficult because many elements go into it. What exactly are people searching for? How do they want the information? How many people are searching for it? These are among the questions that need to be answered in keyword research so that an effective keyword and content marketing strategy can be established.

    Blue Interactive Agency has an expert keyword research team. Our keyword research not only helps your business to discover untapped keywords in the market that your business can thrive on, but we also explore keywords that are focused on sales conversion. We are continually working towards improving your sales – not just getting onto the first page of Google.

    Why Hire Blue to Drive SEO Results?

    Blue Interactive is the leading SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, FL. When you hire our company, you are gaining the benefit of over 15 years of marketing experience with a team that is dedicated to giving your business what it needs to grow and flourish. We consider your success our success.

    Many SEO companies may take a “set it and forget it” approach to website design and marketing your services or product. At Blue Interactive, we are deeply focused on results-driven marketing. You will know exactly what your return on investment is because we provide extensive monthly performance tracking reports for every level of our SEO services. You will know exactly what our marketing efforts are doing for your business.

    At Blue Interactive Agency, we don’t just optimize your website and content for search engines, but we combine our SEO expertise with sales conversion. After all, the entire purpose of improving your SEO is to drive sales. Therefore, our services improve your online visibility while also leveraging sales conversion strategies into every aspect of your SEO.

    When all of these elements are put together, it’s clear why we have become the best SEO company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reach out to our team today to open the door to effortless business growth.


    Local Search Engine Marketing Campaigns 

    When it comes to search engine marketing, there are several different types of routes that you can take when it comes to ensuring that your company appears in front of your target audience. If you own a local business or you’re looking to market to a specific area, then the best approach that you can take when it comes to putting together a search engine marketing strategy is a strategy that incorporates a local campaign. 

    Have you ever opened Google and searched for a specific service and wondered how those services end up on the Google Map? The answer behind that is that, in most cases, those companies worked with a digital marketing company such as Blue Interactive on their local search engine marketing campaign.

    One of the great things about Google is the fact that they provide business owners with a variety of great tools that they can tap into when they are ready to take their business to the next level. An example of one of those tools is Google My Business. 

    It’s important to remember that it’s not enough simply to establish a Google My Business profile. In order to hit your local target audience, you have to optimize it. This is where keyword research comes into play. The same keywords that you incorporated throughout your site could come in handy when it comes to bringing your Google My Business profile to its full potential. Other important aspects that you should always focus on when it comes to enhancing your Google My Business profile include confirming that your hours of operation are up to date, including a link to your website in your description, updating any changes to your address, and incorporating different posts and pictures into your profile. 


    National Search Engine Marketing Campaigns 

    A national SEO campaign, on the other hand, takes an organic approach. This strategy incorporates a variety of different factors which will help your company to appear organically on Google search results for the services that you offer. These factors include keyword research, quality content development, and much more. 

    The goal of our Fort Lauderdale SEO company is to help to take the guesswork out of this process for you. For instance, you can count on us to complete comprehensive keyword research so you have a clear idea of exactly what your potential clients are searching for. From there, we will take those keywords and incorporate them into different aspects of your website including content on your service pages, blog posts, meta descriptions, and even title tags. 

    It’s not enough simply to add keywords and update content, but it’s critical to take the extra step when it comes to tracking these results so that you can see firsthand that our SEO solutions are working. Our Fort Lauderdale SEO company is completely transparent when it comes to the results that we offer. We continuously review and re-review your SEO strategy with you to ensure that we are in line with your expectations and that you are seeing the best results. 


    SEO Services That Deliver Results 

    At Blue, our focus is on providing our clients with the personalized service that they need to reach their search engine optimization goals. We take the opportunity to get to learn more about our clients on a personal level so that our Fort Lauderdale SEO company can help to take your business to the next level. The options that we offer for online marketing and SEO campaigns are second to none. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our local SEO and national SEO services.