Four Online Reviews Statistics and Their Importance for Your Business

Online Reviews

Top Benefits of Paying Attention to Online Reviews and Statistics

When a prospective customer needs to purchase a good or a service, one of the first steps they take involves going to their computer or phone and searching for a business that will give them what they need. While they may be intrigued by your business if they notice you can provide them with what they’re looking for, the customer may be turned off if they realize the online reviews for your company are less than stellar.

The Importance of Online Reviews for Customers and Your Business

Before a potential customer spends money on any purchase, they will often look to past customers to determine whether they should trust your company. Reviews on Google or social media are just two examples of platforms that shoppers tend to use to determine whether or not they should take the time to learn more about what your company can offer. Negative online reviews can easily result in a loss of business for your company which is why it’s imperative that you monitor these reviews and always look for ways to improve them.

Four Online Reviews Statistics To Keep in Mind

Now that you have an understanding of the importance of online reviews and the impact on your business, here are some online reviews statistics you should remember when working toward changing your business model to be more appealing to customers:


Roughly three out of four consumers have indicated that they trust the word of other customers that have had their own experience with a specific business. When a new customer reads positive personal reviews, they feel more comfortable trusting you with their business.

A solid majority

Did you know that more than half of customers leave online reviews? Many consumers have reported that they post an online review at least once per month. Statistics have shown that customers are not only leaving reviews of products or businesses, however. They also take the opportunity to make a complaint, so it’s critical you continuously monitor your reviews and do everything you can to avoid negative ones.

Response times

A fast response time is an understandable expectation for your customers. When a consumer believes you have forgotten them or their concerns, they are more likely to report the unresponsiveness. The fact that a customer cannot contact you and receive a timely response may make them hesitant to trust you any further.


Approximately 97% of consumers have reported they read the consumer reviews and read the company’s responses as well, which is why you always need to ensure you remain professional and non-confrontational in your correspondence. It’s not uncommon for unhappy customers to attempt to grab your attention by posting scathing online reviews. However, when you can respond quickly and courteously, there is a chance that a prospective customer may give your company a redemptive chance.

How Blue Interactive Agency Can Help You Develop and Implement Your Online Review Strategy

As marketing experts, the Blue Interactive Agency team understands the impact that online reviews can have on your company and your profits. We pride ourselves on working with each of our customers on an individual basis so you can make the most out of the online review strategy that we will assist you in developing. Are you ready to find out more about improving this strategy to help your business grow? Reach out to us today at 954-779-2801.