SEO Action Plan for Your Business

How to raise your search rank with an SEO action plan for your business

SEO Action PlanIs your business website’s search rank slipping lower each week? Time to develop an SEO action plan for your business! When you are trying to build an online presence for your business, simply putting up an attractive website is not enough. Just as you need to take action to ensure your other business strategies are on track, you need to regularly review and adjust your website’s SEO strategies. Performing a few essential SEO tasks will build your business reach, increase engagement with customers, and help your website gain and maintain a top search rank. At Blue Interactive Agency, we’ve developed an SEO action plan for your business with daily, weekly, and monthly SEO tasks to get you started.

Daily SEO action plan: strategic link building and outreach to build engagement

Building brand awareness and engaging customer interest are some of the core goals of online marketing strategies for small business.  Social media can help you with this part of your SEO action plan.  As you engage with customers on social media, you build industry authority and generate backlinks to your business websites. Backlinks are one of the factors Google considers when assigning search rank, so these actions will improve your online visibility. Plan on spending an hour or so a day to build engagement with customers and other businesses with these SEO actions:

  • Engage customers with daily Twitter and Facebook posts
  • Join discussions on LinkedIn
  • Write articles as a guest bluffer on industry sites
  • Participate in Google+ Hangouts and circles

Weekly SEO action plan: check metrics and content, update keywords

There are a few key SEO actions that you need to take on a weekly basis to keep your business website performing its best. These tasks fall into two categories, metrics and keywords.

  • Check metrics: Start by using Google Analytics or another program to check the metrics on your website. These include number of visitors, desktop vs. mobile performance, and keyword performance. If your webpages have suffered significant decreases in performance, take corrective action.
  • Assess and research keywords: Examine the keywords on your website, checking any pages that have new content to make sure keywords are correctly placed. Research trending keywords for your business, and perform a competitor SEO analysis to see what is working for your rivals. Choose a selection of the latest trending keywords that you will concentrate on for the week.
  • Update your site with keywords and content: Update your website with fresh, relevant content that contains the latest trending keywords. Adding a daily or weekly blog to your online marketing plan will give you a natural way to add fresh content and keywords to your website, while generating new interest and attracting visitors. Other SEO content ideas such as videos, white papers, e-books, and infographics.

Bi-monthly SEO action plan: maintain SEO compliance

If your business has several departments engaged in online PR efforts, some of the staff adding content to your website may not be aware of SEO guidelines. Check your business website for changes and new content, then perform any actions needed to bring your site into SEO compliance. This may involve reworking content to incorporate keywords or adding keywords to images and Meta data.

Monthly SEO action plan: perform diagnostic and error checks

Over time, performance errors can develop on your website. Your SEO plan of action should include using Google Webmaster Tools to examine your website at the beginning or end of every month. Run diagnostics to check for page performance errors such as 404 pages, duplicate content issues, and redirection errors.

Putting this SEO action plan for business websites into use will help your company gain and maintain the high search rank you need to succeed in the business world today. If you would rather concentrate on running your business, Blue Interactive Agency can take care of your SEO chores for you. We provide complete SEO services, including keyword analysis and strategic link building, expert SEO copywriting services, and monthly SEO maintenance packages.

Contact us at Blue Interactive Agency today at 954-779-2801 to enact an SEO action plan for your business that will achieve the search visibility your company needs to succeed!