SEO Maintenance Checklist

seo maintenance checklistA helpful SEO checklist to maintain your website search rank

Is your website‘s organic search rank starting to slip? Using this SEO maintenance checklist may help you correct the problem! Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Google and the other search engines are constantly evolving to incorporate the latest technology and trending keywords. Your website’s performance can suffer unless you accomplish regular SEO maintenance to make sure links, keywords, and other SEO factors are up to date and working correctly.   We’ve developed an SEO maintenance checklist to help you keep track of everything you need to do, organized into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks for your convenience. 

Daily SEO checklist:

  • Update your website with new keywords and content
    A critical part of any SEO plan of action is making sure your website is updated with the latest trending keywords and fresh, up to date content. A blog is an ideal way to accomplish this, as it takes care of both of these SEO factors. Research the latest trending keywords, and be sure to include phrases used in mobile searches. Make sure that keywords are incorporated correctly into your blog content and any images you use. This will help ensure that Google considers your website is the best, most currently relevant answer for customers’ searches.

Weekly SEO checklist:

  • Check SEO compliance
    If your company has multiple departments or people adding content to your website, you should examine each new page and item to make sure they are following SEO guidelines. Examine all on-page SEO items to make sure keywords are correctly placed:
    • Alt tags on images
    • Page titles
    • H1 and H2 tags
    • Meta descriptions
  • Check the performance metrics of your website
    Use Google Analytics or another website analytical program to check the search performance of your website. If performance has degraded in any area, take corrective action as needed. Be sure to check the following metrics on a weekly basis:
    • Keyword performance
    • Number of visitors
    • Desktop vs mobile performance
    • Page load time
  • Examine search engine submission
    Every time a new page is added to your website (such as a blog) it needs to be submitted to search engines so they can crawl and index it. If this is not done, the search engines cannot “see” your pages and will not consider them for searches. Check that all new pages that have been added to your website have been correctly submitted and crawled by search engines.
  • Look for SEO opportunities (competitor SEO analysis)
    Check the performance of your competitors’ websites, looking at the keywords they are ranking well for. Search for any SEO opportunities you may have missed, and use the information to inform your own SEO strategy.

Monthly SEO checklist

  • Check XML sitemap and navigation
    Navigation errors can develop on your website, especially when you are adding content regularly. As part of your monthly SEO checklist, use Google Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) or another website service to check the XML sitemap of your website at least once a month. Look for navigation errors such as:
    • 404 pages
    • Duplicate content
    • Redirection errors
    • Menu errors, such as faulty or missing links
    • txt errors
  • Perform strategic backlink analysis
    Backlinks can degrade over time, becoming invalid as companies update their websites and remove or rename pages. Sometimes websites begin accepting ads or begin featuring promotional ads over quality content. Google imposes significant penalties on websites that have low quality or suspicious links, so you should examine your website’s backlinks monthly to make sure they are correctly directed to reputable websites.

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