Social Selling: What is It? And What Can It Do for Your Business?

Social Selling What is it and What Can it Do for Your Business Blue Interactive AgencyWhat is Social Selling?

Social media marketing is a complex world that has become essential for business success. Social selling is at the heart of any successful social media marketing campaign and at Blue Interactive Agency, we help you to leverage your brand and social media network to ultimately improve your sales conversion.

Social selling is at its core a strategy to develop relationships that are conducive to the sales process within the social media space. It combines elements such as your company brand with positive interactions in your social media network, social listening, and sharing of any relevant content with the goal of sales and positive brand recognition.

According to internal data from LinkedIn Sales Solutions, social selling is a powerful marketing tool that, if done right, can make your business a dominant force within your vertical. Companies that leverage the strategy create 45% more sales than companies that don’t. Businesses are 51% more likely to reach their sales goals through social selling.

Using LinkedIn as a Sales and Marketing Tool

LinkedIn was among the first social media platforms to expand on the ideas of social selling with their social selling index (see more below). B2B and B2C companies are leveraging LinkedIn as a major marketing tool and sales-driving force.

At Blue, we can help your business grow by utilizing the social media platform as a powerful marketing tool to generate sales. It eliminates the need for cold calling by expanding on your brand through LinkedIn. It gives you an ideal platform to engage with your audience, listen to what they are saying and gives you a place to share content that will help to engage your audience and generate sales.

What is the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI)?

The Social Selling Index (SSI) was first introduced as a way to measure social selling in 2014 by LinkedIn. Their SSI is now a great way to track how well your social sales performance ranks.

It looks at “4 Pillars” to determine the SSI. They include the following:

1. Creating a professional brand
2. Effectively engaging with insights
3. Focusing on connecting with the right prospects
4. Building trust and relationships with your audience

Benefits of Social Selling

At Blue, we leverage social selling to boost your sales and foster a social media presence that facilitates sales. The benefits of social selling that Blue can help your company realize include the following.

  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Improved brand visibility
  • Improved rapport and relationships between seller and buyer
  • Exposure of your content to decision-makers
  • Showcases your company’s unique benefits and features
  • Become a thought leader in your vertical
  • Creates new revenue opportunities
  • Better reputation management
  • Improves customer retention

These are just some of the benefits that Blue can help your business to achieve, improving your return on investment, supporting business growth, and establishing your brand to secure your company’s future.


Blue Interactive Agency Is Social Selling Verified by Kennected

As one of the premier social selling platforms, Kennected has awarded Blue Interactive Agency with its social selling verification certification. To View Blue’s Kennected Social Selling Verified Profile, click the link.

How to Get the Most Out of Social Selling

Social networking as a business can be a tremendous task to do in-house. From tracking customer experience to building credibility, it can be time-consuming and expensive but it is something that your business needs in a world where traditional sales are becoming outdated. You want your sales team to focus on selling and not have to worry about personal branding.

Blue can help you get the most out of social selling through our comprehensive marketing strategy for social selling. Our social selling strategies will match your business needs and sales expectations through leveraging social networking, social listening, personal branding, and allowing your sales team to speak to more motivated clients. Cold calling has evolved into a far-reaching social selling campaign that lays the groundwork for your brand to excel.

Contact Blue Interactive Agency today so that we can help you with your social selling strategies as social selling experts, brand marketing, social media marketing, customer experience, and building trust with your ideal target audience through LinkedIn and other social media platforms.