How Google My Business Impacts Your Local SEO

How Google My Business Impacts Your Local SEO Blue Interactive Agency

What is Local SEO?

One of the great things about Google is the fact that it provides business owners with an abundance of opportunities to target their digital marketing strategy to hit the client demographic that they are looking to reach. Taking this approach is something that is commonly known in the digital marketing industry as local SEO. In short, you are adjusting or developing your search engine optimization strategy to specifically target certain locations that may be local to the physical location of your business. Taking this step and capitalizing on some of these tools that Google offers, such as maintaining a Google My Business profile, can help your business to grow locally.

How Google My Business Works

A Google My Business profile puts your business on full display for a potential client that may be looking for the services that you’re offering. A Google My Business profile is completely exclusive to your business. Clients may land on this profile either by searching for your company directly or they may land on it as a result of searching for a service and noticing your Google My Business profile on the Google maps. Although achieving an organic ranking on the first page of Google is important to your SEO, a person may be more inclined to reach out to you if they also notice your business on the Google map. The Google map is structured in such a way that it displays the business that is local to your area which means that you may be more inclined to follow through with contacting your company.

Optimizing GMB for Local SEO

There are many people who don’t realize that you can actually optimize your Google My Business profile specifically for local SEO. For example, choosing the location that you service is a key factor in your GMB. Although it may seem beneficial to put an abundance of service locations in your GMB, this could actually counter your local SEO efforts. Focusing on the target locations that you would truly like to reach and narrowing that area down from there is important.

Another optimization tactic is to list the goods and services that you offer in your Google My Business profile and ensure that the keywords that you’re using optimize your website in the descriptions for your goods and services. This will only enhance your placement in Google maps and help you to reach your target audience.

Google Ranking Factors

There are several different factors that are associated with your Google My Business profile. Ensuring that you have your full business name, address, phone number, and other contact information are correct along with full and comprehensive explanations of the types of services that you offer. Another important ranking factor is your GMB reviews. Reviews are something that potential clients use to make their decision as to whether they are going to reach out to your business. Even if you have an abundance of reviews, however, you haven’t responded to them, Google can view this negatively in the sense that Google may deem that you aren’t active in interacting with your clients. Also, if you have an overwhelming list of negative reviews, it’s possible that Google will negatively rank your GMB profile.

Trusted Google My Business Management

Managing and maintaining your Google My Business profile is something that can feel overwhelming and time-consuming for many business owners. The digital marketing experts at Blue Interactive have extensive experience in optimizing Google My Business profiles for companies from several different types of industries. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can optimize your GMB profile or you have questions about search engine optimization in general, we encourage you to get in touch with us and schedule an appointment to connect with one of our search engine optimization experts. Give us a call today at 954-779-2801