Here’s What Your SEO Strategy Should Look Like in 2022

search engine optimizationImproving Search Rankings for Small Businesses

Many people believe that simply because they create a website, that site will instantly appear on the first page of search engine results when a potential client searches for a particular service. The reality, however, is that there are specific steps that you may be missing when it comes to optimizing your website. Now that a new year is upon us, there are many SEO best practices in 2022 you should incorporate into your search engine optimization strategy to ensure your small business website appears in front of your target audience.

Find Keyword Opportunities

Did you know the wording you use on your website can make all the difference in the world regarding how your site gets ranked? For example, using specific keywords on your service pages, blogs, and even title and meta descriptions can substantially improve your rankings.

Although keyword research can seem like an easy and even exciting project, the reality is that it can be highly time-consuming. Also, without expert guidance, you may not be able to narrow down exactly what your audience is searching for. However, when you partner with an experienced search engine optimization team that knows the latest search trends, such as the team at Blue Interactive, you can rest assured that we will consider every possibility when it comes to finding the right keywords for you.

Well Planned SEO Content

Although keywords are unquestionably a critical part of SEO, it’s essential not to overlook the fact that you must have quality content to go along with it for those keywords to make an impact. A good rule of thumb is to plan your content out ahead of time and put together a content calendar. You will need to decide how often you want to post to your site and whether you will update certain service pages to account for new keywords that you may have. It would help if you always planned to post blogs consistently. This process will help your search engine optimization strategy and continue to demonstrate that you are an authority in the industry and you’re available to help your clients.

Better User Experience

A best practice involves reviewing a potential user’s experience on your website consistently. Is your main navigation menu easy to click through? Can clients find things quickly and easily on your site? Once a person finds your website, they must have the best experience possible to commit to purchasing a service you offer. Remember that this is an aspect of your site that may need to be updated regularly.

Refine Your Target Audience

Part of your SEO planning process should constantly be identifying your target audience. There are many different options you have depending on the industry that you’re in. For example, you may want to target an audience within a specific age range, or you may want to target an audience that lives in a particular location. These are details that an experienced SEO team will go over with you during the development stage. This information will periodically be reviewed as you grow and develop your search engine optimization strategy.

Are you ready to review or develop an SEO plan for 2022? Get in touch with the Blue Interactive Agency team today to learn more about how we can help you to boost your rankings and grow your business for the upcoming year. To speak with a member of our team, get in touch with us today at 954-779-2801.