How to Structure a High Performing Blog

How to Structure A High Performing Blog Blue Interactive AgencyStructuring a High Performing Blog

A high-performing blog is an excellent SEO strategy that you should always capitalize on when it comes to your digital marketing technique. Not only will a high-performing blog help to get traction on your website, but it will also help to show potential clients that you are, in fact, an authority in your industry which can be a starting point when it comes to helping to develop trust. However, it’s essential that you take steps to put together a blog that will gain the online attraction that you need to get yourself in front of your target audience.

Without question, a key part of a high-performing blog is the content that you develop for the blog. The length of your blog can vary depending on the topic that you’re focusing on. However, any blog that you do create should be at least 600 words. Anything less than that likely will not receive the traction through a search engine that you’re hoping for. However, you also want to be conscious of how long your blog is as well. If your blog is too long, then it’s possible that you may lose the reader’s interest.

Craftings 60-65 Character Headlines

Creating a headline that will capture the attention of a potential reader is critical. If your headline falls flat, then it’s possible that a client may simply scroll past your blog as they are looking at other similar topics. You want to focus on creating headlines that have strong and catchy words. In other words, something that will pique the reader’s interests as they are looking for certain types of information.

H2 Headlines

H2 headlines are a great way to incorporate your keywords into your overall blog. One of the other leading benefits associated with H2 headlines is that it allows you to break up your blog in a way that is easier to follow and read. When you have one continuous flow of content, a person may struggle to follow the different aspects of the blog. H2 headlines can also help you to focus your writing. A good rule of thumb is to develop your H2 headlines before you start writing so you have an idea of the direction that your content is going to go.

Strong Keyword List

Before you can start developing your blog, it’s imperative that you put together a strong keyword list. Keywords are at the base of any search engine optimization strategy which is why it’s key that you take the time to do some research and learn more about what your potential clients are searching for when it comes to your industry. If you’re creating a longer blog, then it’s possible that you may want to consider focusing on more than one keyword when it comes to particular blogs. Having a keyword list next to you when writing a blog can help to keep you focused on the keywords that you want to hit. However, it’s also important not to overuse your keywords as that could hurt the overall ranking of your blog or your site as a whole.

How Blue Can Boost Your Blog Performance

The Blue Interactive Agency maintains a team of content writers that produce nothing short of high-quality blogs for each one of our clients. Regardless of the industry that you’re in, you can rest assured that your site will feature blogs that not only match your voice but also hit the search engine optimization notes that need to be hit in order for you to receive the rankings results that you want to accomplish. For more information about developing high-performing blogs, please get in touch with us at 954-779-2801.