EDITORIAL: Using YouTube Ads To Grow Your Business

Using YouTube Ads To Grow Your Business - Blue Interactive Agency

Recently, Neil Patel posted a blog about using YouTube ads to help grow a business. His discussion included an overview of different ad types and how to use them. We’ll explore his key points and provide some commentary of our own.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

How to Use YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business

By Neil Patel, published by Neil Patel

“YouTube ads are one of the most overlooked ad formats in digital marketing, and it’s easy to figure out why.

The massive focus on social media ads combined with the challenge of creating compelling high-quality video content makes YouTube ads a tough sell to small business owners. 

Can YouTube ads be tough to grasp? Sure, at first. Luckily, once you get over that initial hurdle, YouTube ads offer some pretty unique marketing tools you can’t find anywhere else…

5 YouTube Ad Types

If you’re unfamiliar with YouTube, their primary advertising format is known as the TrueView ad. Before we can understand the value of skippable in-stream ads, we need to take a closer look at YouTube’s TrueView ad approach. 

TrueView ads were created to solve a massive problem. Before TrueView ads, users lacked any meaningful way to control their advertising experience. Without a way to meaningfully interact with the content, ads ran the risk of being both frustrating and irrelevant. 

YouTube was hoping to present itself as a valuable advertising platform, but its original approach to advertising severely limited the effectiveness and efficiency of brand marketing efforts. No brand wants to waste precious time and money selling to viewers who simply aren’t interested.

Here’s the simple explanation: Your brand only pays for TrueView Ads when viewers watch for at least 30 seconds, watch your entire video, or interact with your ad via call-to-action (CTA).”

Here’s our take on using YouTube Ads to Grow Your Business:

Author Neil Patel makes a great case for YouTube’s effective approach to advertising and spotlights the functionality that isn’t currently available when advertising on other social media platforms. He covers the five different ad types that businesses can use to grow their business. These include: skippable in-stream ads, video discovery ads, unskippable ads, bumper ads, and masthead ads. Each ad type operates differently but one thing they all have in common is that they provide a niche for high-quality video advertisements that marketers won’t be able to leverage on other social media platforms. 

He also points out that even though it’s much easier and convenient to create ads for other platforms like Facebook or Instagram, YouTube ads score more clicks, views, and higher conversion rates. The only thing left for businesses is to determine which YouTube ads are ideal for their marketing plan. As with any form of social media marketing, there’s a fiscal cost, so in order to reduce your risk, you’ll want to get to know each of these ad types in depth before you start launching them. Also, be prepared to tune into key metrics (YouTube provides them automatically) so you can gauge how the different ad types are working for you.

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