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    What Is Social Media Marketing?

    Social media has become a powerful tool for business. It allows companies to connect with their audience on an unimaginable scale before becoming such an integrated part of society. These days, it’s impossible to go a day without seeing the impacts of social media on business.

    Social media marketing (SMM) entails perhaps the best way in recent years to engage with your target market to allow your business to grow its brand, establish an active conversation with your audience, and funnel substantial traffic to your website. So, what is social media marketing exactly? It involves a marketing method leveraging the power of social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and others to ultimately improve your sales and online presence.

    Social media marketing was initially just a tool for businesses to generate traffic to their website to improve online sales. Today, it stretches beyond its simple yet important beginnings to allow for far more complexity. One of the ways social media marketing has allowed for business growth is to monitor the social media conversion between your business and your target audience. Responding to positive and negative comments allows you to ensure your brand is portrayed in the right light. These days, ignoring this aspect of social media can result in severe negative effects on your brand and, as a result, your sales.

    Social media marketing can be said to have five core principles. The first is publishing content and effective planning. While it may seem that when content such as videos, blog posts, or pictures are posted on social media by a business spontaneously occurs, it is a carefully planned process to maintain coherence and improve engagement.

    The strategy remains another crucial component of social media marketing. Your social media strategy should be based on what your goal is. Of course, the main goal is to funnel and improve sales. Beyond that, it should be about brand awareness, creating a community, a channel for customer support, and helping generate engagement through content marketing between you and your target market. You want to consider which platforms will best suit your business and your goals and what type of content will most effectively achieve your goals.

    Another core principle of Social Media Marketing is engagement and just simply listening to your audience. As your brand and business grow on social media, so will the number of people commenting on your business. They may be saying something positive about your services or products, giving you a chance to highlight it and surprise them. It may also be negative comments, which may not be directed at you, and you will want to ensure it’s addressed before it escalates.

    Performance tracking and analytics entail a major part of improving your SMM. You can actively see how many people you are reaching every month to improve certain strategies and reinforce the working methods.

    The last important principle of effective social media marketing is paid advertising. Your brand may not be reaching enough people yet through social media, or you may want to increase your presence to funnel more sales to your website. Paid advertising campaigns on social media can allow you to connect with a massive audience interested in your product, but just don’t know about you yet.

    Blue Interactive is one of the best social media marketing companies in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With more than 15 years of digital marketing experience, we can help your business grow its brand awareness, boost sales, protect your reputation, and mine useful data to reveal trends through social media marketing. If your business isn’t using social media, let us help you step into the modern world of social media marketing to expand your company.

    Organic Social Media Marketing

    Organic SMM encompasses a core component of a business’s marketing efforts on social media. There are two forms of SSM: paid and organic. Without ensuring your organic social media marketing achieves what it sets out to do, such as converting visitors into customers, even paid social media efforts can fall short. Paid social media marketing can help you get more followers, but organic can help seal the deal.

    Organic social media marketing goes beyond just creating a social media profile that is fleshed out and engaging. The benefits that organic SMM has on your business include four main points. The first is that organic social media marketing can make your business more valid in your customers’ eyes. A common step for people to take when they are interested in a product or service is to visit the company’s social media profiles. They may look at what people are saying about you in the comments to establish your company’s validity.

    Additionally, word-of-mouth remains one of the most beneficial aspects of organic social media marketing. People are more likely to buy a product or service if someone they know has recommended it to them. If you have an interesting blog post, picture, or video on your social media shared by your followers, it can lead to significant traffic over time.

    Organic social media marketing is an excellent long-term solution for social media marketing because it is cost-effective. Over time as your brand’s presence solidifies and your followers grow organically, then the return on investment that organic social media marketing offers is far superior compared to paid ads. Paid ads will increase traffic and followers, but the cost tends to increase the more people click on your ads, unlike organic gains, which do not necessarily increase in cost as your followers and traffic increase.

    Without organic social media marketing, paid ads will be less likely to convert visitors to customers. It allows you to engage and connect with your audience to increase sales. At Blue Interactive, we incorporate sales conversion strategies in everything we do because, after all, the goal of marketing is to drive sales and grow your business. We also explore analytical data thoroughly to enhance our organic social media marketing efforts, so you can see exactly what our services have accomplished.

    The final aspect of an organic SMM campaign is if you don’t get involved with it, your business will always be behind your competitors. The sooner you begin your organic campaign with us, the quicker you’ll reap the benefits of social media marketing as a whole. Let Blue Interactive help you to protect your online social media reputation, boost sales through driving traffic to your website, mine a wealth of analytical data, and build your brand awareness so your business can prosper.

    Paid Social Media Marketing

    At first, it can be challenging to establish your business on social media. No one knows you exist, and building those initial followers can be daunting. Furthermore, social media has become an effective tool for all businesses, big and small. So, how do you take advantage of the millions of people you can potentially reach? Paid social media marketing is one of the best ways to boost your social media profiles and funnel significant traffic to your website.

    Paid SMM is all of the ads that you see on social media. They are highly targeted because modern analytics can figure out what it is that people are interested in. This means your ads on social media can be highly targeted and thus more effective than just a general ad that may not be seen by people interested in your service or product.

    These days, most people use paid campaigns to boost their social media presence and increase traffic to their website. It comes in many forms, including video, text, images, or a combination. At Blue Interactive, we have helped our clients expand their business by developing winning social media strategies.

    Paid social media marketing is very adaptive to your needs. Whether you are interested in driving more traffic to your website, growing your online audience, or increasing your engagement with your target market, paid social media marketing has the reach and power to achieve it. However, while it may seem as simple as creating an ad and posting it, there are many elements involved with creating an effective paid social media marketing campaign that Blue Interactive can handle perfectly.

    One of the aspects setting Blue apart is that we are a results-driven digital marketing agency. Your paid social media marketing campaigns will be carefully monitored to see exactly what’s working exceptionally well and where things are lacking so it can be improved. We are driven by providing you with the results you want to see in your paid SMM campaigns and can handle every aspect required to see a winning strategy come to fruition.

    Paid Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

    Two of the largest platforms falling under the paid social media marketing umbrella are paid Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Facebook is easily the largest social media platform in the world. Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook provides paid ads that are highly targeted because there is more information about each person’s interests and behaviors.

    Paid Facebook ads can reach your ideal target market. Facebook also boasts some of the best statistics for user time – people spend more time on Facebook. However, as with any advertising, creating an effective strategy to gain the maximum benefit from it is vital because of the cost involved compared to organic social media marketing. We at Blue Interactive Agency in Fort Lauderdale are experts in creating and running paid Facebook ad campaigns.

    Paid Instagram campaigns is another form of online advertising that Blue specializes in. Facebook and Instagram ads are fully integrated. You essentially gain the highly-targeted and high sales conversion rates through paid Instagram ad campaigns as you would with Facebook. Instagram users are highly interested in the products or services they find on the platform. Some businesses may see as much as 120 times more ad engagement on Instagram than on other platforms such as Twitter.

    Paid Facebook and Instagram Campaigns are your tickets to business growth. We can help you to create and manage campaigns that will reach your ideal audience, help to convert visitors into sales through our conversion strategies, overcome obstacles, and provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

    Why Hire Blue for Your Fort Lauderdale Social Media Campaigns?

    Running an effective social media marketing campaign can become a full-time job with the ever-changing trends, new social media platforms, and understanding how to best use social media for your business. So, why hire Blue Interactive for your Fort Lauderdale social media campaigns? We understand what is involved with creating winning SMM campaign strategies. We leverage over 15 years of digital marketing experience to give you expert services that achieve your business growth goals.

    Blue is unlike other digital marketing companies; we see the bigger picture. At Blue Interactive, we understand you want to get involved with social media marketing because you ultimately want to increase your sales. As such, every element of our SMM efforts is geared toward sales conversion. We won’t just get your business seen by your ideal audience, but we will help you convert them into customers and build consumer loyalty.

    Blue Interactive Agency in Fort Lauderdale is a results-driven company. We collect comprehensive analytical data to make it clear what our services are doing to increase sales and traffic. We want your business to succeed in the world of social media. Reach out to Blue Interactive today to get started on your social media marketing and achieve your business growth goals.