5 Important Metrics to Track Your Content’s Performance

content performanceThe Importance of Tracking Metrics to Check Your Performance

You’ve done the keyword research. You’ve put together what you believe is stellar content. But how do you know if your hard work is translating into the SEO results you were hoping for? The answer is simple: you need to track your content performance. Certain metrics can track your content’s performance that will provide you with valuable insight into your website’s direction.

Top Five Metrics to Check Your Performance

There are several metrics to track your content performance. Here are the five that we believe you should always use:


The flow of traffic to your website is critical for your overall search engine optimization strategy. It’s important to remember that one post will not always be a definitive factor in whether or not your content’s performance is solid or not.

Many people don’t realize that it may take several months to see the results you want when you incorporate a new content or SEO strategy. Instead, you should be paying attention to an increase in traffic over a stretch of time.

SERP ranking

The search engine results page, also commonly referred to as SERP, is a critical component in your content’s performance and your approach to SEO. When a person searches for the good or service that you provide, ideally, you will want to see your business appear on the first page of search results.

A good rule of thumb is to search for a couple of the keywords you are using and see where your page ranks. From there, you can adjust your strategy if you don’t see the improvements that you want over time.

Time on the site

When a person is looking for a specific detail during their search, they don’t want to spend hours upon hours tracking down this information. Once they finally find what they are looking for, they like to have an idea of how long it will take them to gather what they need. Adding a counter at the top of your article can provide customers with how long it will take them to read through the piece so they can fit it into their schedule accordingly.

Don’t forget internal linking

Part of the key to a solid content approach is by using an internal linking strategy. If you put together amazing content and include links to other related articles or services, there is a higher possibility that a person may stay on your website longer. The longer a client stays clicking through your website, the better the chance that your site will continue to move up on the search engine rankings.

Social media

If you don’t have a social media account for your company, you could be missing out on an entire spectrum of people that may be interested in reading your content. Posting to your website and then posting your new content to social media in another post should always go hand-in-hand.

How the Blue Interactive Agency Team Can Help

At Blue Interactive Agency, we utilize many tools that can help you develop a better understanding of the results from metrics to check your performance. Whether your content needs to be adjusted or you’re ready to go in a completely different direction regarding your search engine optimization strategy, our team of digital marketing experts are here to help make the goals you have for your website a reality.

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