How to Tackle Negative SEO

Negative SEO

How Negative SEO Can Be Hard on Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that even the best marketing strategy can be impacted by negative SEO if you don’t have a plan in place to tackle it? Negative SEO, also referred to as black hat SEO, can wreak havoc on any business. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent this type of SEO and have a plan in place in case this frowned-upon form of SEO ever touches your company.

What Is Negative SEO?

Not surprisingly, there are many people that are unaware of the fact that negative SEO exists. For business owners that are trying to run an honest and trustworthy company, they would never think of trying to ruin the reputation of another company to accomplish that goal. That is, however, exactly what negative SEO does. Negative SEO is a malicious attack that is meant to sabotage the search engine optimization of a business.

Types of Negative SEO

Negative SEO comes in a variety of forms. Some of the most common examples of the types include:

Website hacking

When another person finds a way to take over your website, it could take you days if not months to try to re-establish yourself as an online authority in your niche. Unfortunately, when your website is hacked, both current and potential clients may view this as a sign that you cannot properly manage their personal information if you cannot monitor your own website. As a result, they may turn to another company with their business. One of the frustrating aspects of website hacking is that it may be difficult if not impossible to determine exactly who hacked your site which makes it hard to place blame on any single entity.

Negative fake reviews

In today’s technology-driven society, some customers tend to look at reviews on the internet before they make their decision regarding whether they are going to work with a certain company. If they see an abundance of negative reviews, they may steer clear of the company. Sadly, there are some companies that purposely leave false negative reviews of their competitors in an effort to drive business toward them.

How to Prevent Negative SEO Attacks

As you can see, the type of poor SEO that can impact your business can be devastating. Thankfully, there are several steps that you can take to avoid negative SEO attacks:

Utilize Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that can help you to detect any security breach to your website. Another good rule of thumb is to make time to run a regular site audit so you can identify and fix any issues in your site that may make it susceptible to hackers.

Regularly read reviews

Keeping a constant eye on your reviews is a great way to ensure that only reputable reviews are being left. If you do come across a fake or even a suspicious review you can report it so that this review does not adversely impact the search engine optimization of your site.

How Blue Can Help You to Optimize and Protect Your Website from Negative SEO

Whether you’re interested in improving your marketing strategy or you want to find out how to protect your website from poor SEO, the Blue Interactive Agency is here to provide you with the insight and guidance you need to develop your approach to SEO. We can review your current SEO strategy to reduce the possibility of negative SEO affecting your company. Are you ready to find out more? Get in touch with us today at 954-779-2801.