How to Increase Your Organic Search Ranking

Don’t Settle With a Low Search Ranking. Get Up There With these Organic Search Ranking Tips

Organic Search RankingSo you’re a business owner, and you want to attract potential clients to your company. Maybe you’ve advertised in the paper, maybe on radio, or even Craigslist. You’ve come to realize that a very large percentage of people begin their search for goods and services online. After all, the internet is where society lives—whether it be while sitting on the sofa looking at the laptop or on cell phones. You’ve begun the process of getting your website on Google, and now it’s time to ramp up your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in order to boost your ranking. Here are some SEO Marketing tips to help you learn how to effectively increase your organic search ranking. It’s a vital key to success, as 90% of the links people use to search are in organic form, not paid!

Organic Search Ranking and Your Domain:

It all begins with your Domain; typically, the shorter, the better. They’re easier for people to find. For example, let’s say your name is Al and you own a car wash. The title “Al’s Upscale But Affordable Car Wash and Auto Spa Emporium” won’t have the same quick-hitting effect as simply “Al’s Car Wash.” It’s much easier to remember for people browsing the internet, as well as being more predominant with Google’s very detailed and stringent algorithm used in search engine optimization.

But each of your website’s pages should be longer to contain the appropriate keywords in your slug. What’s a slug? It’s that part of the URL that comes after the main domain ( to show what page you are on. So for example when you go to the page about website design, you will want the slug to be “/website-design”, so the whole URL will read

Define and Research Specific Keywords:

When coming up with your list of keywords, put yourself in the shoes of those who search for your product or service. Think about the words or phrases people you want to attract would use—and use them in your content. If you come up with a lengthy list, that’s fine. But when you do, use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to see what words will be most effective. Choose the ones that are most relevant, and that are rated high in traffic results. That’s a fairly obvious path to take, but utilization of the tools Google has out there can make a massive difference in your organic search ranking. This part of SEO marketing also aids in attracting not just a high volume of clicks, but clicks by those who are really ready to make a purchase. These consumers represent what’s known as qualified organic search traffic.

Create Compelling, Rich Content:

This doesn’t mean to write in such a high-brow manner that potential clients can’t understand it and want to leave your page immediately. It refers to writing content that hits home to future customers. Compelling language that grabs the attention of your viewers is a critical way in which to draw more business. You want website visitors to be interested in what you have to offer, right? That’s rhetorical. The more they’re interested, the more conceivable it is they’ll share it and link it. Great content has a much stronger shot at going viral. When that happens, more people obviously see it—AND, the aforementioned Google ranking algorithm rewards viral content.

Blog, and Blog Often:

It may sound a bit tedious, but continuing to blog on your website keeps fresh new ideas in the forefront of the people’s minds you want at your storefront. Blogs can have an immediate and lasting effect on building relationships with your clients. Don’t simply promote your business in blogs– entertain, show personality, ask questions and ask for feedback. When you blog, you can also throw it up on social media, and that’s a major bonus. If you write a blog and post it on social, those who read it may very well share it, thus increasing your business. And not to belabor the point, but when you frequently add new content to your site, the Google algorithm recognizes that. It sees continual development of your site as having more value to the viewers, and your ranking will rise as a result.

Make Your Meta Description Count:

The meta description is a tag, in essence. It serves as a very brief description of what your site is all about. It gives the viewers a tease, like scenes from their favorite TV program’s next show. It pulls them in. It’s compelling. It gives them ultimate reason to click on your link. What do you get when you arouse curiosity for a person to click? More clicks. A well-prepared, well-executed meta description can persuade someone to head to your site, where they may be on the fence as to which link to visit. You win that battle, you attract more viewers. Just make sure you err on the side of caution. While it may seem tough to balance that AND write whatever you can to engender more clicks, Google doesn’t like false advertising or content that leads the consumer astray. Use best SEO marketing practices when writing your meta description.

Organic Search Tips:

There is a litany of ways to go about boosting your organic search ranking. The above are just a few ways to accomplish that goal of being on the first page of a search engine, being in the top 10, and even reach the apex to the very top. Do your research. A boost in organic search ranking doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience, and work. But stick with it, and the dough may flow.

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