5 Affordable SEO Services to Grow your Small Business

5 Affordable SEO Services to Grow your Small BusinessBuild your small business through SEO! With 97 percent of consumers now searching for businesses online, small businesses need to ramp up their search engine performance in order to succeed. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are a proven way to increase website traffic and improve your website’s ranking. Be warned, SEO strategies can be difficult for non-marketers to enact on their own. Fortunately, these 5 affordable SEO services to grow your small business are available through most interactive marketing agencies. Find an agency that offers these SEO services to get your small business the notice it deserves:

  1. Keyword Research & Analysis
    Keywords are the first step to driving traffic to your small business website. Search engines “crawl” keywords to determine what your site is about. Your SEO service provider will research which keywords users search to find products or services like yours. They will identify the most popular keywords as well as selected others that provide an easier opportunity to gain top search positions. They will also analyze web search patterns for your industry so they can identify long-tail search phrases that capture the organic way consumers perform mobile and verbal searches.
  2. Website Optimization
    Search engines consider every element on a website when determining its placement in search results. The content on sites is carefully analyzed for relevance to the key words and concepts. Your website should have one to three keywords on every page. Trying to raise your ranking with keyword stuffing (putting many keywords on every page) will backfire; Google is aware of these tactics and will penalize your site. The agency that provides you with small business website SEO services will examine and include the appropriate keywords in the right frequency throughout the written copy on your website. They will also place the best suited keywords in the tags on the images, videos, meta descriptions, and other elements of your website.
  3. Competitor SEO Analysis
    A thorough analysis of your competitors’ small business SEO strategies will help you plan the best course of action for your SEO campaign. The goal is not to copy your competition, but to identify the strengths and weakness of their campaigns. You can leverage this intelligence to target areas where your competitors’ sites are lacking.
  4. Strategic Link Building
    High quality links are another way to raise your website’s search ranking. The quality of sites you link to is of critical importance, so your SEO agency will analyze the links, assess the quality of the site’s offerings, and determine whether you should remain linked to the site. They will also search out other websites that have authority in the same industry as your small business, and create links to build your website’s ranking.
  5. Effective SEO Analysis
    Tracking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies is a critical step to achieving marketing success for your small business. Your interactive marketing agency should provide you with enhanced real-time reporting so you can judge the effectiveness of your SEO strategies. Expect your agency to employ several powerful web analytic tools to obtain a complete overview of your website’s marketing reach. The agency should then adjust your SEO strategies as needed to achieve the greatest ROI of your marketing efforts.

For help implementing these and other small business online marketing strategies, turn to the marketing team at Blue Interactive Agency. We specialize in creating comprehensive marketing strategies that incorporate responsive website design for small businesses as well as social media marketing, web marketing, and much more to ensure your company’s success.

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