A Complete Website Audit Check List

Website Audit

What to Know When Performing a Website Audit  

Regardless of what industry you are in, your website is a significant part of a business in today’s technology-driven world. When your website is lackluster in appearance or certain site features are not efficient, you run the risk of losing business. Taking the time to perform a regular website audit can help you address specific issues with your site and correct them before being noticed by a potential client.  

What Is a Website Audit?  

A website audit entails a comprehensive assessment of every feature of your site. Several areas are taken into account when performing a website audit, including your site’s speed and the search engine optimization (SEO) aspect.  

It’s important to remember you must approach the task without the preconception that your website has no flaws for your website audit to be successful. It would help if you took the time to look at your competitor’s website and your traffic statistics to gauge areas that could be updated to enhance your site.  

Leading Reasons Why You Should Perform an Audit of Your Site

Many people believe auditing your site is unnecessary once you have your website up and running. Another misconception involves not adding more content to the site in the hope that traffic continues to pick up. The reality is, however, that your website is a continual work in progress. As a business owner, you would always be on the lookout to improve your site. 

Here are a few examples of fundamental reasons why completing an audit of your site can help your site and grow your business:

  • Improved content pages  

The content you post on your website’s pages shows you are a leader in your respective industry. When you regularly update the various pages on your site, you demonstrate that you are actively keeping up with any field changes.  

  • Better SEO ranking  

When you are looking to attract new clients, you must improve your website’s SEO ranking. If you find that your SEO ranking lacks positive results, there are several tools you can use not only to check it but improve your current SEO ranking and work toward adjusting different features on your website to help to improve your site.  

  • Double-check your site’s security  

When the security associated with your website expires, you run the risk of an outside entity hacking it, which could jeopardize your entire business. A good rule of thumb is to confirm that your site’s security plugins are updated, and you are using strong usernames and passwords for any login information for your site.  

  • Helps you reassess your marketing goals  

Going through your website audit check list and completing this vital task can provide insight into your marketing approach. Is there a product or a service on your site that is performing better than something else? A website audit can help you to reassess your approach toward promoting certain aspects of your business.  

Let Blue Interactive Help with Your Website Audit  

As digital marketing experts, the Blue Interactive team understands the importance of performing a routine website audit. Based on our results, we will actively work with you to make any updates or adjustments to your site to give you the leading edge over the competition. If you would like to partner with our team to develop your own website audit check list or make changes to your site, please give us a call today at 954-779-2801.