What is SEO Marketing?

what is seo marketing

Understanding SEO Marketing

As digital marketing experts, one of the standard questions we receive from many clients is, “What is SEO marketing?”. Unfortunately, there are many business owners who are under the misconception that simply because they have a website, potential clients will quickly easily find them during a Google search. While it may be true that a potential client may find you if they Google your business directly, what about the clients who are not searching for your business specifically but what if they are searching for a certain good or service? This is where an SEO marketing plan comes into play. Through SEO, you will have the opportunity to corner the market when it comes to the digital world and enhance your business in ways that you may not have been able to in the past. 

Why SEO Matters

Search engine optimization should be the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. While it’s true that it’s important to invest time and energy into different social media platforms as well as other forms of marketing such as e-mail marketing, SEO is something that should always be a focus regardless of what industry you’re in. 

A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is something that can make all the difference in the world to whether or not your business is able to grow and develop online. By continuing to grow and expand your SEO strategy, you increase the possibility of new clients finding your business which results in further expansion of your business. 

Ultimately, SEO is something that can be confusing and time-consuming. Time is something that many business owners simply do not have for one reason or another. This lack of time is something that results in either putting in a half-hearted effort when it comes to SEO or simply pushing it off by the wayside. Doing so is something that can be a terrible mistake when it comes to the digital growth of your business and ultimately hold you back when it comes to the goals that you have for the growth of your business. 

Tips for Boosting SEO Marketing Results

  1. Continuously perform keyword research
    Keyword research is the process of developing a better understanding of what potential clients are searching for when they are looking for the different products or services that you offer. When first starting an SEO strategy, it’s important to do preliminary keyword research, however, it’s just as important not to forget to continuously complete keyword research on a regular basis. While you may have primary keywords that you want to rank for, there may be secondary keywords or new keywords that come to fruition which could shift the direction of your strategy for the better. Utilizing searching keyword tools as well as the results on different search engines is something that will only help to enhance your strategy. 
  2. Blog on a regular basis
    One of the main ranking results of your website will be regularly updating the site with relevant information. Maintaining a blog is something that will help you to rank better and it is also something that will show your new and old clients that you are an authority in the industry. A blog is also a wonderful way to capitalize on using certain keywords that may not fit into other service pages that are on your website. Remember, these blogs should be well-written and as comprehensive as possible to increase the possibility of having them ranked by any search engine. 
  3. Review the title tags and meta descriptions for each one of the pages on your website
    One of the ranking facts for any website revolves around the title tags and meta descriptions that you use on each page of your website. There are several tools that you can use to determine the current title tags and meta descriptions of your pages so that you can make calculated changes to them. Using your keywords both in your title tags as well in your meta descriptions will improve your SEO rankings. Don’t forget, however, that your title tags and meta descriptions should not be able to a certain amount of characters so that they can be accurately captured by a search engine. 
  4. Focus on local SEO
    The majority of businesses have a specific locale that they would like to reach which is why it’s essential to incorporate a local SEO strategy into your general SEO strategy. A local SEO strategy can come in many different shapes and forms. For example, over and above using geo-specific keywords on your website, you can also develop a Google My Business profile to specifically target this region. Don’t forget to utilize those same geo-specific keywords throughout your Google My Business profile to further enhance it. 
  5. Regularly review your site and strategy
    The results that you experience due to your SEO strategy are something that should be regularly reviewed as a whole. What may have worked in terms of rankings for a period of time may not work on an endless basis. Therefore, doing a thorough SEO audit is something that is necessary. In addition to an audit, you should also do regular competitor analysis of the top-ranked websites in your industry. Taking this step will help to show you what you need to adjust in your current strategy to accomplish a higher ranking.

Hiring An SEO Agency

Partnering with an experienced SEO agency should be a critical aspect of your SEO marketing strategy. As mentioned earlier, an SEO strategy is something that can take a tremendous amount of time and effort which is something that busy business owners often do not have. An SEO agency can take over every aspect of this challenging task. From completing keyword research to developing content to making recommendations on changes that should be made to your SEO strategy, working with an SEO agency is something that can take your approach to SEO to the next level. 

When considering your options for an SEO agency, something that you may want to think about is partnering with a local SEO company, specifically if you would like to target your local market. Taking this step is something that can help you to better understand the steps that you can take to reach these local clients. At the same time, you will have the added benefit of being able to expand your strategy if you would like to reach a larger market. 

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