Checklist for Keeping Your Google My Business Profile Up-to-Date

Keeping Your Google My Business Profile Up-to-Date

Optimizing Your Google My Business Profile

A Google business account is one of the first things that you should develop after you have opened your business. Since the development of Google maps, businesses often compete for the top three positions in Google maps due to the fact that these are the businesses that potential clients often reach out to first. Therefore, updating your business Google profile is something that you should do on a regular basis. Not only will taking this step improve your Google rankings on the map, but it can also help you to build trust and potentially reach more customers. 

In order for you to open a business online profile for a GMB, the first step is to verify your business. Google makes this process simple and straightforward. Once you verify your business, be sure to take the time to put in accurate information at that time regarding your business. You can also include a cover photo and business hours and updates

Google My Business Profile Checklist

One of the common misconceptions associated with digital marketing is the fact that search engine optimization is something that can only be applied to a website. However, you can take steps toward optimizing your Google My Business profile to give yourself a better opportunity to rank higher on Google’s local search results. In order for you to take full advantage of the process to update your Google business profile, you should always make a list before you complete any profile updates. Here are some recommendations of details that should be part of google profile updates: 

Check your Google posts 

One of the great features of a GMB profile is the fact that you can add Google posts to it. If you have been posting blogs to your website and not adding them to this marketing platform, you may be missing out on reaching an entire group of clients. 

Make sure the information about your business is up to date 

Have your hours changed since you first opened? Maybe you need to adjust for holiday hours? Ensuring that the information about your business including business hours as well as the name of your business is up to date is critical. 

Be sure to add products to your profile 

If you’re in the business of selling goods or offering special promotions, one of the best things that you can do is add those products to your Google My Business profile. Doing this will give you increased search visibility when it comes to the local market and also provide potential clients with the opportunity to view what your business has to offer. 

Add to your service description 

Confirming that the services that you offer are up-to-date and accurate is another important aspect of your Google My Business profile. Be sure to incorporate your keywords into this section to give yourself an added boost when it comes to local SEO

Google My Business Experts at Blue Interactive

As a busy business owner, it’s understandable that you may not have the time to keep up with updating or maintaining your Google My Business account. Let our team take the stress off of you and help you. As local SEO experts, the Blue Interactive team will continue to review and access your Google My Business account and incorporate different changes to get you the most attention using this helpful Google tool. If you need to set up a Google My Business account or you’re interested in what you can do to optimize your profile, we recommend that you get in touch with us. Our team is here and ready to help you.