My Google My Business Listing Is Suspended: What Does This Mean?

My Google My Business Listing Is Suspended What Does This Mean Blue Interactive AgencyWhat Is a Google My Business Suspension?

Although Google can be difficult to figure out at times, there are several great tools that Google provides a legitimate business as a way to optimize their online standings. One of these tools is Google My Business. A GMB listing can help to put you front and center when a person searches for a specific type of service or even your business in particular which is why it’s something that should always be included in your marketing effort.

Types of GMB Suspensions

It’s important to understand that there are several types of GMB suspensions. Here are some of the types you may see when your business listing is suspended:

Soft suspension

A soft suspension typically means that your Google My Business profile has been labeled as unverified. Although your GMB listing may still appear, you won’t be able to completely optimize your profile until you provide proof and verify your location.

Hard suspension

A hard suspension is something that can be a bit more challenging to overcome. Among all the account suspensions, a hard suspension indicates that there is a serious problem when it comes to violating Google’s guidelines which means that a potential client will not be able to see your GMB listing. A hard suspension could have an immediate impact on your local SEO and it’s something that should be addressed immediately.

There are also other different types of suspensions including manager account suspension and owner account suspension which can impact who can access your GMB business profile. It’s critical that you take these types of suspensions seriously and address them immediately so that they do not affect your local SEO to the point where you will need to rebuild your strategy.

Reasons For a GMB Suspension

There are several reasons why Google may suspend your business profile. It’s important that you review these possibilities as there is a strong likelihood that a GMB suspension could negatively impact your local SEO effort. Here are just a few reasons why Google may have suspended your Google My Business profile:

  • Issues with your physical address
  • Problems with your contact information
  • Overusing keywords
  • Problems verifying your business location

There are certain times even when you do follow Google’s guidelines that your business profile could still be suspended due to an oversite. If your business listing gets suspended, you should review every detail of your GMB listing to ensure that you have the correct information there.

Can A GMB Suspension Be Removed?

Google does give you the opportunity to remove your GMB suspension, however, it can take time to work through due to the fact that you will need to submit certain physical or contact information in order to work around the suspension. You will need to correct the information that Google has flagged, and prove you’re a legitimate business by providing information about your physical address to ensure that your GMB business profile is restored. The hassle is one of the reasons why you should always take the time to ensure that your GMB accounts are set up correctly from the beginning.

Hire Blue Interactive Agency To Manage Your GMB Listing

You can rest assured that the digital marketing experts at Blue Interactive Agency will ensure that your GMB listing is set up correctly. If you currently have GMB accounts, we will review those accounts with you to confirm that you have the correct information there such as your physical address, telephone number, and other important details to ensure that you never have to go through the GMB suspension process. If you currently have a GMB suspension or if you’re ready to develop a Google My Business profile for your local marketing purposes, please get in touch with us today at 954-779-2801.