3 Must-Have Website Pages for Small Businesses

websiteHaving The Right Website Pages in Place

Website design and development can be fascinating for many small business owners. It’s finally your chance to reach potential clients in a new way that can ultimately help your business grow. As digital marketing experts, one of the questions we’re asked revolves around the types of pages that a person should have on their website.

While having a homepage and a contact page is a given, many small business owners make the mistake of not making their website robust enough to get the traction they need to capitalize on a search engine optimization strategy. To ensure you can reach your target audience, we’ve compiled three must-have website pages your small business needs to implement.

Service Page

Service pages are an example of a critical website page you need to have. These service pages allow potential clients to learn about what your business has to offer. You must select and target these service pages correctly. Finding a good balance of service pages is critical because you will want to show your potential client that you offer the service they are looking for.

Still, you don’t want to have so many service pages that finding a specific one is complicated or overwhelming. It’s also important to remember that you should target each service page with keywords specific to that area. If you’re looking to target a particular location with that service, you should always incorporate that location into your overall keyword strategy.

FAQ Page

A frequently asked questions page, also known as a FAQ page, is a wonderful opportunity to utilize more of the keywords you’re focusing on for your website while also showing that you’re an authority in the industry. A good rule of thumb with a page like this is to do some research and learn more about the questions that people may be asking about a service you offer or your respective industry.

Frequently asked questions can also cover some questions that potential clients may have that are specific to your business, such as your hours of operations or, if you have a physical location, directions. If you partner with Blue Interactive, we can help you develop these FAQs to ensure that they capture all of the information you’re looking to hit.


A blog is an excellent way to capitalize on your keywords while providing potential clients with valuable and helpful information about your industry. When you work with a top-of-the-line digital marketing company such as Blue Interactive, we will take the guesswork out of the blogging process. We will assist you in developing topics that will help get your site noticed by clients who are both new and experienced in the types of service you offer. We will also help you to develop a posting strategy so that your website constantly stays fresh and up to date.

Blue Interactive Website Design Strategy

When you partner with the Blue Interactive Agency, you will have the opportunity to work with some of the best website designers and developers. We understand the critical role that your website plays on your overall business, which is why you can trust us to go above and beyond in providing you the insight and the direction that you need when it comes to the development of certain web pages for your small business. If you want to learn more, please contact us at 954-779-2801 today.