EDITORIAL: Using SEO Data Analytics to Identify Business Gaps

Editorial Using SEO Data Analytics to Identify Business Gaps Blue Interactive AgencySearch Engine Watch recently published an article about how to use SEO analytics to uncover more business opportunities and prevent leads from slipping through cracks. It highlights ways in which data analytics offers insights that might not otherwise be found. We’ll take a closer look at the author’s key points and provide our own insights on the topic.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Using SEO Data Analytics to Identify Business Gaps

by Kris Jones

Published by Search Engine Watch, May 21, 2021

“One of the strangest things to try to explain to someone who isn’t so familiar with digital marketing is how business owners can start targeting business opportunities that aren’t currently on their radars. After all–if we consider the problem semi-philosophically–how can we know what we don’t know? Relying on human logic alone would make that task quite difficult.

Thankfully, as SEOs, we have plenty of tools available that can help us identify business opportunities and gaps. That means keywords we aren’t targeting, audiences we aren’t going after, backlinks we aren’t getting, and content topics we aren’t covering on our websites. In other words, these are the foundations of a successful SEO strategy in 2021, and you could be missing out on leveraging them for yourself. Here are three pointers for using SEO analytics to identify your business gaps, in the area of keywords, content, and backlinks…

In the end, whether it’s keywords, content, or backlinks, the best overall presentation wins in SEO. You have to be useful and authoritative to human users and Google.
As SEOs, we’re used to sorting through data. The everyday business owner might not be, though. In that case, I hope readers have learned a lot from this about how analytics data is your friend when you’re looking to identify gaps in your business’s SEO strategies.
When you start to get this right, you’re going to share in those wins, too.”

Here is our view on the topic:

One of the elements that the article shows is that leads aren’t just slipping through cracks; they’re slipping through some pretty big gaps. It’s also hard to imagine that any company investing in decent SEO services would experience these gaps that with the basic use of analytics wouldn’t exist. SEO specialists who rely on analytics–and they do–for ongoing SEO maintenance would be performing pretty poorly if they allowed the types of gaps that the author lists to occur.

Keyword gaps, content gaps, and link gaps should not plague your business website if your digital marketing team is relying on sound SEO practices and data analytics tools. Are they? The strategies that the article highlights are actually core tasks. Perhaps your business contracted with an SEO specialist when developing your website, but what about ongoing SEO maintenance?

Data analytics tools demonstrate that keyword relevance changes. Content requires updating. New content needs developing. Links need checking. And there’s always a need for monitoring data analytics. Taking these measures can prevent your leads from falling through gaps, and you can boost your page rank by maintaining best SEO practices.

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