EDITORIAL: New Monitization Features for YouTube Accounts

New Monitization Feature for YouTube Creators

In a recent article, Search Engine Journal reported on YouTube’s plans to increase monetization opportunities for video creators. According to Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, the company plans to develop methods for creators to earn money directly from viewers. Here, we’ll discuss the company’s monetization plans. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

YouTube Is Adding New Ways for Creators to Make Money by Matt Southern

Published by Search Engine Journal, February 18, 2021.

YouTube wants to help creators build business, which is an endeavour it began over ten years ago with the launch of the YouTube Partner Program.

Mohan says the YouTube Partner Program has paid out tens of billions of dollars to creators, artists, and media companies over the last three years….

There’s currently around ten different ways for YouTubers to make money from their content, which ranges from running ads to selling merchandise.

Not keen to rest on its laurels, YouTube promises to find even more ways for creators to earn revenue…

YouTube will begin strengthening its monetization products with the wider rollout of a digital product called applause, which has been in testing since last year. Viewers can purchase “applause” on videos they enjoy to support their favorite creators directly.

Applause is similar to purchasing SuperChats on live YouTube videos, with the key difference being that it can be purchased on any video at any time.

Think of applause like a donation, in the sense that buyers get little more than the satisfaction of knowing they compensated a YouTuber for their work…

YouTube Shopping

YouTube plans to build out a full suite of monetization opportunities through an integrated shopping experience that will roll out later this year. Mohan reveals YouTube is currently beta testing a feature that will allow users to make purchases without leaving the site.”

Here is our take on the excerpt and article:

New Monetization Features on YouTube

YouTube creators, artists, and even retailers have some exciting options to look forward to in the near future. With this official confirmation of exciting new monetization features, creators can look forward to extra income if they can harness these opportunities and make the most of them. 

YouTube Applause Feature

The Applause feature allows direct payment from willing viewers who wish to provide more than just a positive comment or a “like.” More than one billion people around the globe visit YouTube each month. A direct payment from even a fraction of these viewers can earn popular creators substantial extra income. Viewers can select a one-time payment option (in increments of $2 to $50) for pre-recorded video content. YouTube will take a 30% cut but creators will earn 70% of every donation, a great way for even artists with small followings to ramp up their earnings. 

YouTube Shopping Feature

The shopping feature is exciting news for ecommerce vendors of all stripes and sizes. YouTube is hoping to capitalize on the increase in online shopping. The integrated shopping experience opens a whole new path for businesses and their marketing teams to tap into YouTube’s money-making potential. 

Monitize Your YouTube Account

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