Make Your Site Fast and Mobile-Friendly with These Tips

How to improve speed on your mobile site

Top Suggestions on How to Improve Speed On Your Mobile Site

Although a desktop computer is still one way potential customers search the internet regarding the service or product they need, a cell phone or tablet is quickly becoming one of the leading methods interested clients use to find what they need. Therefore, you must ensure that your website will always load quickly. There are numerous tools and techniques you can implement to accomplish this goal. Keep reading to discover the best methods on how to improve speed on your mobile site.

Importance of a Mobile Friendly Site

One of the first actions a person usually takes when they wake up in the morning involves picking up their phone. Whether the person checks their e-mail or catches up on friends and family on Facebook, a mobile device remains at the center of various life aspects.

Phones and tablets have also become an excellent way for a person to shop or find help online when looking for a particular product. This usefulness demonstrates why it’s imperative your website loads quickly and features a mobile-friendly design to make the content presentable on any mobile device.

Top Ways to Check the Speed

You may be surprised to learn that several sites will help to measure the speed of your website. If you are looking for a free and easy way to test your site, Google offers a mobile-friendly test. Simply input your website into the test bar, and Google will run a full analysis regarding whether your site is mobile friendly.

If Google finds any issues with the site, it will provide you with a list of pages and problems. From there, you can begin to formulate a plan of how to make your site better and re-run the mobile-friendly test once you have made the adjustments.

What You Can Do to Make Your Site Faster

If you find your site is not loading as quickly as you would like it to, you can conduct several actions to boost your site’s overall speed. Based on the speed test results, you may want to incorporate some or all of these suggestions regarding how to improve speed on your mobile site:

1. Be conscious of your images

Pictures and graphics are important ways to draw clients to different parts of your website. However, when you have images that are not configured or properly sized, prospective clients may be missing out on seeing important content you have on your site. Keep in mind that GIFs can also slow down your site’s speed, so you will want to try to keep those to a minimum.

2. Check your cache settings

Browser caching remains one of the most effective ways to improve the speed of your site. By caching CSS, JavaScript, or images that typically do not change, you make it easier for different resources on your site to load.

3. Run your site speed test regularly

Although there are always adjustments you can make to the site, you will want to make sure that you set aside time to run a mobile-friendly test at regular intervals to ensure your site is still running accurately. Make sure to note any changes you make and compare test speed results to the alterations you’ve implemented.

Trust Blue Interactive to Help You Implement Changes on Your Website to Improve Page Speed

The marketing experts at Blue Interactive understand the importance of having a website that loads quickly on any mobile device. We work closely with you to provide you with solutions to boost your website’s load time so that you can rest assured that your site is reaching every potential client. Reach out to us today at 954-779-2801 to learn more about making your site mobile friendly.