5 Things to Know in Your Search for Fort Lauderdale Online Marketing Companies

fort lauderdale online marketingWhat to keep in mind when comparing Fort Lauderdale online marketing companies

Hiring a Fort Lauderdale online marketing company is not an easy task. The majority of customers now find the companies they do business with on the internet, so the online marketing company you choose will have a significant effect on your business success. We’ve put together a list of five things you should keep in mind as you search for the right Fort Lauderdale online marketing company to help your business grow.

#1: Bigger isn’t necessarily best

Businesses sometimes look at larger online marketing companies and assume that because they have a large staff, these companies must deliver the best services.  Actually, the opposite is often true.

Many of the largest online marketing companies have only a few top internet marketers on staff backed by junior or intern marketers. In this situation, junior marketers who lack experience will handle the vast majority of the client load.

Unless you are one of the agency’s “big fish,” you are unlikely to receive the benefits of the senior staff’s marketing experience. Boutique agencies don’t have room for junior talent. With a smaller, successful Fort Lauderdale online marketing company, senior staff is more involved with every client.

#2: Ranking for SEO isn’t everything

It’s natural to think that if a company ranks #1 in Google for “SEO,” they must be the best company to handle your online marketing. Unfortunately, that is not necessarily the case.

Often the top spots related to SEO and internet marketing are taken over by companies that use questionable tactics to gain those results. Unethical or spammy tactics can gain a top space temporarily, but in the end these techniques will backfire.

The best Fort Lauderdale online marketing companies concentrate their efforts on building their clients’ online presence. As long as the company has a strong appearance on search, social media, and other online marketing channels, it is a good sign if they save their best efforts for their clients.

Before making a decision, talk to the marketing company and look at where their clients’ websites rank for desired keywords.

#3: Experience in your niche makes a difference

In order to create effective content, SEO, and social marketing strategies, marketers need to have an in-depth knowledge of your industry and the services you provide.

The advantage of dealing with marketing companies for small businesses in your particular niche is that these agencies already have specialized knowledge of your clients, their needs, and the marketing strategies that work for your industry. There is no learning curve.

#4: It’s better to be the highest paying client, not the lowest

Hiring a large online marketing agency because they represent international brands may seem like a good idea on the surface. Your company will thrive once you have the same world-class marketing that these brands enjoy, right?

The problem with that thinking is that agencies tend to focus their best talent on their highest paying clients. Nationally known brands can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, on their marketing campaigns.

The average marketing budget of a small business is a fraction of what the larger national corporations can invest.

If you are the lowest paying client in a large agency, you will be dealing with the agency’s least experienced, weakest marketers. It’s far better to be one of the higher paying clients with a smaller boutique online marketing company, where you will be the top priority for more experienced, senior marketers.

#5: You get what you pay for

When it comes to internet marketing Fort Lauderdale businesses cannot afford using cut-rate companies that use “black hat” tactics to gain a high search rank. Don’t be tempted by companies that offer online marketing services at low, low bargain rates.

Instead of using legitimate marketing strategies, these agencies typically outsource their SEO strategies to other countries where low quality links are used to artificially raise your search rank.

The penalties that Google levies on companies that use unethical tactics are severe. You could end up spending years struggling to regain the high search ranking you had prior to hiring that bad actor.

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