5 Google AdWords Tips to Implement Today

Google AdWords TipsHow to super-charge your Google AdWords campaigns

Do you want to get better results from your Google AdWords campaigns? Google AdWords can be one of the greatest advertising systems available, providing an affordable, cost-effective marketing tool that virtually any company can use. One of AdWords’ best features is that if you know the right strategies, you can raise your conversion rates, lower your costs, and achieve a greater ROI for your advertisements with just a few clicks. Ready to get started? We have five highly effective Google AdWords tips that you can implement today!

AdWords Tip #1: Use branded terms to boost your Quality Score

Quality Score is based on several factors, primarily the click-through rate, relevancy of your keywords, ad copy, and the destination landing page. Branded terms tend to get the highest Quality Scores. They make highly relevant ads, because they already appear throughout your website. Branded terms also deliver some of the highest click-through rates because they target customers who are ripe for conversion and already looking for your brand. Combining branded terms with modified broad keywords will extend the Quality Score boost even further.

AdWords Tip #2: Use negative keywords to lower costs

Negative keywords are an essential part of knowing how to run a successful Google AdWords campaign, because they can save you a lot of money on worthless clicks. And yet, HubSpot reports that up to 25% of companies are not using negative keywords at all.  Negative keywords tell Google to not show your ad when they are part of the search. For example, if you sell men’s athletic shoes but not dress shoes, you would have “dress” as a negative keyword so your ad would appear in searches for men’s shoes but not men’s dress shoes. Use a negative keyword research tools to get you started.

AdWords Tip #3: Employ conversion tracking to refine your campaigns

Conversion tracking is one of the best ways to find out how effective your AdWords campaigns are. Once you turn on conversion tracking, you’ll be able to see which of your campaigns are generating leads, calls, sign-ups, or other designated actions, and which are wasting your money.   Use this information to adjust your marketing spend to focus on the keywords that are deliver the best ROI. Raise bids on your best-performing keywords and drop any that are costing you money by generating clicks but not conversions.

AdWords Tip #4: Expand your language settings

This is one of the easiest Google AdWords tips and tricks to use, and it yields great results. Expanding the language settings on your AdWords campaigns gives you an easy way to reach a wider, bi-lingual audience. In the best of all worlds, your website has multiple language pages so you can reach customers in several languages. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in translating your website, you can still reach a bi-lingual audience with this Google AdWords tip. When you select another language with your ad campaigns, your ad can reach bi-lingual speakers who have set their search preferences to their home language but type in their searches in English. Since many bi-lingual speakers use English and their home language interchangeably, this simple move can really improve your exposure.

AdWords Tip #5: Use location-based bid modifiers

Location-based bid modifiers let you raise your bids for area where your products are in greater demand. You may need to adjust this throughout the year.  For instance, if you sell swimsuits, you will see more conversions from searchers in Southern states as winter months approach. Set your view to Geographic on the Dimensions tab to see performance metrics by location (country, region, metro area, city, etc.). Organize by conversions to find your best performing locations, then go to location targeting settings to increase your bid for each of those areas.

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