6 Secrets Behind Social Media Marketing

Add the Secret Sauce to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

6 Secrets Behind Social Media MarketingWith so many methods of marketing in which business owners have to figure out, one of the most en vogue and ever-expanding ones is that on the social media front.  There are well over two billion active social media users around the globe—a staggering number that represents nearly a third of the planet’s population!  Think you need to focus on social media marketing now?  Let’s dive into six secrets behind social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tips:

It’s likely you have at least one social media account, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other.  If you have one, potential clients have at least that many, but odds are, they have more.  In this article, we’ll run briefly through social media marketing tips that can greatly enhance your business.

You Had A Business Plan.  Have A Social Media Marketing Plan:

You had to start your business with a plan of attack.  No bank would’ve given you a loan to get that business off the ground otherwise.  While you’re not asking for startup money, having a social media marketing plan is paramount into breaking into this arena of promotion.  You can’t just go about it willy-nilly.  A smart hire of a marketing specialist, if you can afford to pay for the position, is ideal.  Figure out what it is you want to accomplish via social media, how you’ll go about efficient marketing, and research the ways in which to measure success using tools like Google Analytics.

Peanut Butter On Ripped Bread:

What does that mean, you ask?  It applies to the theory of not spreading yourself too thin.  You may think hitting every potential customer out there on every different platform is a good idea.  It isn’t; at least at first.  Don’t overextend yourself with too many places to have to be active.  It’s far too much work.  Figure out who your demographic is, and hit that/those platforms hard.  When you get the hang of it, then add different accounts as you see fit.  Remember, you have enough on your plate that eating peanut butter on ripped bread is not in your best interest.

Quality Trumps The Numbers. Just Ask Google:

Quality content when using social media marketing still rules.  You can tweet 1,000 times, but 10 effective messages on Twitter will still yield better results, and have a higher likelihood of being shared with more people that may be interested in your product.  Also, those 1,000 tweets may be seen by 1,000 people, but if they’re not interacting with your content in the right way, Google will actually penalize your SEO ranking.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business:

You’re a small business owner.  You’re not Coca-Cola.  You’re not Home Depot.  It allows you to connect on a more personal level in your content.  When you do that, you become a face, a person, not a conglomerate that has grand ideas of world domination.  Do your best to be genuine and respond to all comments and inquiries on your social media outlets.  Humanize your brand.  Build relationships.  You can ask questions, put up polls, link to other sights, and more.  People want to feel like they mean something, and that you’re listening.  This kind of authentic relationship building will go a long way in boosting your business.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Sales:

OK, a picture may not necessarily translate into that exact number of sales, but you should use visuals as often as you can when posting on social media.  Show your product.  Show yourself.  Show your place of business.  Show happy customers.  Show anything (in good taste).  Showing visuals is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than simply text.  Make sure to be consistent with your brand, logo, and the colors that go along with them.

Adapt, Adjust, Acclimate:

As tough as it may be to simply keep up with social media and post on a regular basis, you’ll have to be ready to adapt its ever-evolving, ever-advancing world.  Remember when there was just MySpace?  Seems like a long time ago, but now there are a myriad of outlets.  And those outlets are constantly striving to stay ahead of their competitors by adding new facets to pique the interest of today’s social media society.  Like an acorn into a tree, grow with the changing times, and the increase in your business will be indicative of a job well done.

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