6 Tips to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

How to get a higher Google search ranking for your website
Google Search RankingA high position in Google search results is absolutely essential for any business looking to succeed. 89 percent of consumers turn to Google or another search engine to research information on products, services or businesses before making a purchase, according to a report from Fleishman-Hillard. That means that if your business website doesn’t have a prominent place in search results, prospective clients are going to be calling your competitors instead of you.  Google assigns the highest positions in search results to the web pages it determines provide the best, most relevant answers to each query, based on a search algorithm that takes into consideration hundreds of ranking signals. Earlier this week, Search Engine Land reported that a top Googler has finally revealed the top three most important Google search ranking factors: links, content, and PageRank (which ranks your site based on links from other websites to your site). To gain the highest placement in search results, therefore, you need to post high quality content on your website that Google will love and visitors will want to share. To help you on your way, Blue Interactive Agency is sharing our six top tips to improve your Google search ranking and get your site the high visibility you need to succeed:

Tip #1: Choose the right keywords
Google keyword ranking is determined by several factors, but it starts with choosing the right keywords for your business, industry, and content. You need to choose keywords that precisely match the terms that customers use when researching the services or products you offer. Google’s free keyword planning tool can help you get started. Be sure to include long-tail phrases that customers use in mobile verbal searches.

Tip #2: Use keywords in the right density
Stuffing your content with as many keywords as possible is not going to improve your Google keyword ranking; in fact, it will get your site flagged as spammy content and penalized with a lower rank. Google recommends that you use no more than two or three keywords in your content, inserted into your copy in natural-sounding phrases.

Tip #3: Apply on-page SEO
To raise your search rank, you need to optimize all the elements on your webpages for search. Apply SEO to your written copy, images, and videos, incorporating keywords into the correct places in titles, subheadings, ALT tags, Meta descriptions, etc.

Tip #4: Make sure all your hyperlinks are correctly named and linked
Google looks at the hyperlinks within your site as well as the links to and from other websites. To improve your search engine ranking, stop using null value phrases like “click here” for hyperlinks and start using your keywords for links. This emphasizes the keyword within your website pages.

Tip #5: Post original, high quality content
Google’s algorithm examines content and compares it to other information already published on sites throughout the web. If it identifies your content as duplicate or overly promotional, Google is going to penalize your site and drop your search rank lower. To avoid this, create original content that speaks directly to the subject matter stated in your title. Remember to check carefully for spelling and grammar errors before you post.

Tip #6: Use social media to promote your content
You need to get your content in front of customers in order to gain the backlinks that Google values so highly. Promote your content across the full range of social media, using Facebook posts, Tweets, Google + posts, etc. that link back to your website to gain wide exposure for your content.

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