Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet Marketing StrategiesTop internet marketing strategies for small businesses

Internet marketing strategies have become an essential tool for small businesses of every type. Whether you’ve just started a new business or are trying to extend your existing company’s marketing reach, you need to market your business on the internet if you want to find success in today’s digitally attuned society.  When prospective customers want to locate a business or find information about products, they don’t reach for a phonebook; they use their computer, tablet, or smartphone to search the internet.  To ensure the health of your company, you need to make sure that what your customers find during their internet searches leads them to your business rather than your competitors’. That’s where internet marketing strategies come into play. These strategies use a variety of methods to raise your search rank and establish a strongly visible profile for your business on the internet, so you can reach more customers. To help jumpstart the success of your company, we’ve compiled a list of the top internet marketing strategies for small businesses, along with a quick description of how each strategy can help your business grow.

  1. Responsive Website Design
    Creating a website to establish your online presence is the first step in implementing internet marketing strategies. The majority of customers now use mobile devices when they search online for information on businesses and products, so it is critical that your website performs perfectly no matter how it is viewed, whether through a laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Responsive website designs automatically adjust to give the best performance according to how they are accessed so they won’t need to be updated every time new technology is introduced, and their ability to perform well on all mobile devices actually helps these websites rank higher in mobile searches.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies
    In order for your website to bring in business, it will need to show up on the first page of search results. Applying SEO strategies to your website will help search engines like Google and Bing to see it as a relevant, reliable source for answers to search queries, which will cause them to give it a higher position in search results. Search engine optimization encompasses a number of strategies, including adding the right mixture of industry-related keywords to your website structure and content and creating backlinks to other reputable websites in related fields. Adding a weekly blog to your website is a key SEO strategy for small businesses. Each blog gives you the chance to add current, trending keywords to your site so search engines find it more relevant and give it a prominent place on their search results pages.
  3. Social Media Marketing Strategies
    Social media has emerged as one of the best ways for businesses of all sizes to keep their company top-of-mind with customers. We recommend you concentrate on just 3 or 4 social marketing strategies to start; most small businesses turn to Facebook and Twitter, along with one or two sites that are ideal for their industry. If you have a B2C business that translates well to visual media, such as a travel agency or restaurant, Pinterest or Instagram would be a good choice. B2B businesses generally find success with LinkedIn or Google+, where they can connect with clients through forums and video hangouts. Recently, many social sites have introduced paid posts and made it more difficult for posts to reach customers organically, so you may want to  plan on using a portion of your marketing spend to invest in paid ads and promoted postings, such as Facebook’s promoted posts.
  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategies
    Also known as paid search, pay-per-click, or SEM, search engine marketing is a pay-as-you-go strategy that makes your website more visible to customers through the use of paid ads that let you jump to the top of search results. Search engine marketing is a great internet marketing strategy for small businesses, even those with limited marketing budgets. The cost per click is determined by the popularity of the keywords, so you can adjust your bid according to how much you have to spend. Determine a specific budget; once you reach your limit, the ads are simply put on hold.

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