EDITORIAL: The Relation between Ecommerce, SEO, and SEM

The Relation between Ecommerce, SEO, and SEM - Finding the Right Marketing Strategy - Blue Interactive Agency

Search Engine Watch recently published an article, providing an overview of how businesses can employ SEM, SEO, and ecommerce strategies so that they work together to promote the company’s products online. One of this article’s key takeaways is its straightforward explanation of these digital marketing elements–and why businesses need them to create a successful online marketing formula. We’ll examine these key points and highlight a few points we’d like readers to keep in mind. 

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The Relation between Ecommerce, SEO, and SEM” by Lisa Little 

Published by Search Engine Watch, February 15, 2021

“To understand the relationship of these channels within the search function, think about a playground tournament of dodgeball (SEO), kickball (SEM), and tetherball (ecommerce). All games are played on the same playground (search engine results page, SERP) with the same type of ball (platforms) but different rules, gameplay, player positions, strategic play, variables, and objectives to win.

Some players (advertisers) invest everything into playing only one game. The athletes (performance marketers) that play a combination of those games and master the common skill sets (data storytelling, understanding impact to the business, influential communication skills, continual learning, eagerness to test, embrace rapid change) rule the playground.

The SERP is filled with aspects and listings of all types that fall into these three channels to make up the search marketing function.

SEO is the fundamental and foundational infrastructure of your brand’s DNA online. Even the most beautiful mansion (paid advertising) crumbles under a weak foundation. The internet shares everything organically so you may not even be aware of what is out there around your brand without a strong SEO strategy and consistently mindful and smart messaging…

Looking at channels holistically, marketers should implement strategic planning with a nimble approach to adjust for results is what will drive excellence in your overall marketing program. While they each play different roles and bring different benefits to advertisers, these channels should never be pitted against each other, compared on a 1:1 basis or replace one another’s role in the marketing mix. Instead, they should be considered supplemental to each other and pivotal to success.”


Here is our take on the excerpt and article:

What is the Winning Marketing Formula?

Creating a winning formula for this ‘game play,’ as author Lisa Little explains search engine digital marketing strategies, is clever, and one take-away that every business needs to remember from her pep talk: there’s no bench warming allowed if you want to score. If you’re a business and you feel bombarded by the various marketing strategies, channels, and new terms that seem to pop up every few months, you probably aren’t alone. However, your competitors are in the same boat and just as they’re trying to score points with online customers before you do, you’ve got little choice but to learn the game rules and start playing too.

Game analogy aside, the key takeaway from Little’s argument is that it takes a formula to create a successful digital marketing plan that includes organic elements (SEO), paid elements (SEM), and electronic sales (ecommerce). Think of these elements as a triangle. If one or two sides are missing…your sales will slip right from the middle. 

The Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

But you might be thinking, as many businesses do: I don’t have time to play games. After all, it’s enough for a small or mid-sized business to worry about managing their business. In this case, your best move is to contact an experienced digital marketing firm like Blue Interactive Agency and rely on their team of marketing experts to manage your SEO, SEM, and ecommerce strategies for you. With professional support from Blue, your investment will ultimately pay for itself and then some, leaving you with more online exposure, more traffic to your website, and more sales. Contact us to get started.