Unique Free Google Tools for Your Business

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The Best Free Google Tools to Use in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the industry, any business owner will tell you that one of their main goals entails getting their company’s website to rank highly on Google. This desire comes from Google being arguably the first search engine site that any consumer will use to find a good or service they need. This near-monopoly on search engines is why you should always take advantage of free Google tools to help improve the search engine optimization aspects of your site.

Importance of Google Tools

Among the multitude of reasons why you should take full advantage of free Google tools is because they give you a road map of improving your site. Whether you are interested in developing a digital marketing campaign and aren’t sure where to start or need an overview regarding past campaigns’ success, the free Google tools available can help.

3 Tools You Can Use on Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand Google tools’ benefits, you must understand how to use Google tools. Here are a few examples of free Google tools that you can take advantage of:

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Before you launch a digital marketing campaign, you must find the right words to use in that campaign. You have many options when it comes to the keywords you plan to use in a blog or on a content page of your site. The Google Ads Keyword Planner can help you organize your keywords to utilize them in the right campaign.

Google Analytics

It’s not enough just to craft a digital marketing campaign. It would help if you also tracked its success. Google Analytics can help you to do that. This tool can help you determine how many people visited your site on any given day, the top-ranking pages for your site, and insight as to where your audience is coming from geographically.

Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make involves neglecting to check the different pages’ load speed on their site. Typically, if any page on your site takes longer than a second to load, a consumer will decide to navigate to another site that gives them faster results. Google PageSpeed Insights helps you not only to test the load speed of the pages on your site, but it provides you with great insight regarding what you can do to improve the speed of the page.

Google Alerts

It would help if you always kept yourself aware of the latest updates to the Google platform. Google Alerts can help keep you aware of the latest updates to Google regarding anything related to your niche. Additionally, this tool can let you know when a person searched your product or your product. Also, you can keep track of when a customer searches for one of your competitors. Developing an understanding of your competitor’s marketing technique can help you fine-tune your own marketing approach.

Blue Interactive Agency Can Help You Learn How to Use Google Tools

At Blue Interactive Agency, we understand the significant impact that free Google tools can have on your digital marketing strategy. We can help you analyze your current digital marketing strategy and help you take advantage of the free tools that can help improve your online presence. Are you ready to speak to one of our marketing experts? Reach out to us today at 954-779-2801.