Google Search Console: Important Changes in How Core Web Vitals Are Measured and Reported

Google Search Console

The Importance of Understanding How Google Search Tools Can Help Your Online Presence

Google is one of the most popular search engines used by people around the world. When you need something or have a specific question about a topic online, people usually navigate to Google to find the answer. If you are a business owner, you must have a clear understanding of the variety of tools Google offers to boost your online traffic. One of the most vital involves Google Search Console.

What Is Google Search Console?

Before you can understand the most recent Google Search Console changes, it’s essential that you first understand what Google Search Console entails. Google Search Console provides you with access to Google core web vitals that help shed light on your website’s various aspects. Specifically, you will have the option to review Google core web vitals such as:

  • Issues with mobility use as well as other search aspects of your site
  • Verify that Google can both crawl and find your website
  • Address any index issues and request that Google re-index recent content
  • Review certain information about your site, including important traffic statistics

The Importance of Google Search Tools

Google Search Console is an incredibly useful tool for any business owner looking for ways to achieve a higher SEO ranking on Google. This tool will help you to manage and monitor the inner workings of your site. While it’s true that you should always produce engaging content with relevant keywords and images, it’s critical that you continuously monitor how Google is classifying your website.

Google Search Console Changes

Now that you understand why this tool is and the impact these statistics can have on your business and your client outreach; it’s now essential to understand the changes that Google implemented concerning this tool. These new changes impacted the following aspects of the way the metrics of your website are reported to Google:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (also known as LCP)
  • First Input Delay (also known as FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (also known as CLS)

Before the changes, for your site to achieve a “good” rating from Google, the metrics of these aspects of your site had to be less than the recommended thresholds. Now, business owners can achieve a “good” rating as long as the site’s metrics are less than or equal to instead of just less than.

An excellent example of the usefulness of the changes can be found in the LCP aspect of your site. Before the rules change, your website would have to meet a standard of fewer than 2.5 seconds. If your site registered at precisely 2.5 seconds, then Google Search Console would designate it as something that “needs improvement.” Your site LCP can register at either exactly 2.5 seconds or below and still achieve a “good” rating with these changes.

Blue Interactive Agency Can Help You Take Advantage of Search Engine Changes

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