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    Marketing Services for Substance Abuse Centers
    that Drive Patient Growth

    There is a growing market for substance abuse treatment across the United States as more and more people are dealing with drug and alcohol addiction issues. Substance abuse treatment centers are a more important resource than ever for individuals who are struggling with addiction. 

    The number of people who need to seek help with substance use disorders has been creeping up nationwide over the last few years. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, close to 15 million people who are 12 years old and up suffer from an alcohol use disorderApproximately 7.5 million Americans have an addiction to drugs that range from illicit substances to prescription painkillers. (2) 

    Unfortunately, most of the individuals afflicted with addiction in past years didn’t actively seek out or receive the treatment they needed for recovery. This could be due to the stigma that’s often associated with addiction treatment, making reaching out for help intimidating or embarrassing for some. 

    However, now those suffering from substance use disorder can easily, comfortably, and privately search for alcohol and drug rehab centers on the internet, finding those facilities that best suit their needs for recovery. It’s easier than ever for users to search the web these days as they look for help with substance abuse and mental health disorders in their local areas or across the country. They can simply type in or even speak the search terms that are most meaningful to their condition, the type of help they want, and often where they live, to look for rehab services without needing to make a phone call or visit a treatment center until they’ve landed on a website that resonates with them. 

    But those in need of addiction rehab help first have to find your addiction treatment center’s website in their search results, decide that your web design and content are compelling enough to stay on your page, and decide to contact your intake counselors for more information before they will make the move to actually enter a program that you offer. This isn’t easy without the professional assistance of a digital marketing agency for alcohol and drug rehab centers. If you truly want to grow your patient admits and help more people achieve long-term recovery from substance use disorder, you need to optimize your presence on the web, increase traffic to your site, and rank higher on Google so those in need can find your addiction treatment center and establish whether you’re the right fit for them. Without the proper website and social media exposure, your alcohol and drug rehab may never realize its true potential to help people struggling with substance abuse get back on track and find their path to a happier healthier life.

    In order to drive patient growth at your behavioral health centers, Blue Interactive Agency provides professional digital marketing services that will connect your addiction treatment center with the people who need the kind of services you provide. Whether your rehab facility offers inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, or other types of addiction care, someone is looking for those services, but if your internet presence isn’t highly visible, your organization may never be found. The correct marketing techniques for addiction health care will attract and engage the individuals in need of addiction services directly to your rehab facilities.  

    Marketing services for substance abuse centers can help grow your patient base through the use of a number of different strategies that will build up your brand, generate an increase in your website traffic, get you more leads, help you rank higher on Google searches, and connect with your customers in better, more insightful ways. It’s vital to implement the most current drug rehab digital marketing strategies that other rehab centers you’re competing with are developing on a daily basis. Your addiction treatment center needs to stand out from the crowd and drive potential patients to your site. 

    Addiction Treatment Center Branding

    Branding for an addiction treatment center is all about your company’s public image: who you are, what you stand for, what differentiates you from the crowd of other rehab centers, and what you do best for your patients. You’ll want your brand to be very strong and have it set your substance abuse treatment center apart from other addiction facilities that treat similar conditions.

    Your treatment center understands its target audience: individuals seeking help with alcohol and drug addiction. That audience, in turn, is searching for the right brand of substance abuse treatment center that will best help them as individuals and will resonate with their needs, personalities, and interests. 

    Branding services are vital to an addiction treatment center’s patient growth. Your rehab needs to convey its very essence, personality, character, mission, effectiveness, and ideology to potential clients through branding messages. Your brand is what makes your substance abuse center uniquely valuable to patients, and it’s communicated throughout your company’s logo design, brochures, videos, style guides, content, business cards, and social media account designs, to name a few. 

    Your brand needs to represent what your business is and what it can do to help your patients. The appearance or feel of your brand will convey your vision and message to potential clients mainly through graphic design and promotional materials.

    Our professional branding services include options for a customized logo design that will instantly communicate your brand’s message. A style guide, primarily used for designing your website, encompasses the colors, fonts, images, and other content that will together create a united brand image. Your brand’s theme is inserted within the taglines, key messaging, and a concise statement concerning what makes this addiction treatment center unique. 

    Getting the word out about your addiction treatment center brand is also part of branding services for digital marketing. Business cards, letterhead, brochures, signage, and email signatures should include your customized logo and branding statements to separate your substance abuse treatment center from the crowd. Trade show banners, if applicable, and other promotional materials can also be important to your business’s brand.

    Speaking about email signatures, branded emails also give your substance abuse treatment center a cohesive appearance. Every person on your team needs an email address that uses your center’s domain. This signifies the legitimacy and professionalism of your branded addiction treatment facility. 

    In addition to branded emails and email hosting, an addiction center team can also be set up into a suite that digitally consolidates file sharing, cloud storage, and other elements that make organizational sense. Some business email choices like Google or Outlook may be the best fit for your substance abuse business. 

    Addiction Treatment Content Marketing

    Incorporating high-quality addiction treatment content within your website, including blog posts, will help drive traffic, generate leads and grow new clientele. Dynamic content that educates, informs, and answers questions often posed by potential patients and their loved ones concerning substance abuse and alcohol or drug addiction treatment keeps users on your website. 

    Addiction treatment content marketing is an online strategy that’s proven to be very effective at helping these types of healthcare businesses to reach their marketing goals. Creating and circulating professionally written promotional content for your substance abuse center provides additional value to your website visitors while also helping meet your goals for patient growth. 

    It may seem like a no-brainer to simply write content for your addiction treatment center’s website pages yourself or assign it to a team member on staff. What’s often forgotten, however, is that your website content is just a puzzle piece in your entire substance abuse center’s brand impression. Most first-time visitors to your website haven’t even decided yet on which brand best suits them. If your landing page and website copy aren’t engaging enough to users, they’ll click away to another site. The majority of people seeking help with addiction use a search engine in order to look for addiction treatment in privacy. Engaging, interesting web copy needs to spark interest and speak directly to visitors, with SEO-friendly content that will compel them to take action. 

    The addiction treatment content we create to market your business is specially created to target your website visitors’ interests in learning more about substance abuse disorder and avenues to getting the best treatment for recovery.

    The types of content needed for addiction treatment need to be compelling enough to transform visitors into patients. Captivating copy on your website pages and blog posts that educate and inform can help drive interest and encourage patient growth. When you commission longer content articles, it showcases your addiction facility’s expertise in the field and builds a greater sense of authority that attracts business.

    Other types of content for addiction treatment digital marketing include press releases that will ramp up excitement and generate interest in your brand. Content provided to subscribers in email form is often shared and attracts more traffic to websites. Landing pages need innovative content to generate transformative leads. Our addiction treatment content is SEO-friendly so it achieves the highest position in search results. Our writers use the freshest trending topics and the most likely keywords and phrases that potential addiction treatment patients will use in their voice, mobile, and computer desktop searches. Strategically-placed links to respected sources are provided to denote an author’s research and legitimacy of the content. We aim to provide our content readers with the most up-to-date and knowledgeable answers to their most common questions about addiction treatment.

    It’s also very helpful when our writers include links in their content that redirect them to your Google My Business profile and Google Map listings. You can read more about our Google My Business strategies for digital marketing further on in this article.

    Experienced, professional writers create the addiction treatment content for Blue Interactive that audiences devour and become invested in reading. Our job is to know what’s currently happening in the substance abuse field, what potential patients are most interested in knowing within your niche of addiction treatment, and rely on factual, reputable sources of information to sort out the pertinent information. Clear, engaging content produced by our experienced authors is always well-written and thoroughly edited for errors and typos. 

    The addiction treatment content provided should also be optimized for voice searches. A large percentage of adults and teenagers use voice search to discover more about addiction treatment and other topics of interest. This is why our writers at Blue Interactive insert keyword phrases in their content that are organic and sound natural.

    Blog content about addiction treatment is typically shared with others when the reader thinks the information will be helpful to someone suffering from substance use issues. The educational and informative blog posts we create cover topics that potential patients are most interested in learning about. Many visitors to blog posts of this nature will forward the link to your website, attracting more traffic and a greater potential for new patient growth.

    Well-written blogs create more pages for Google to index, they help you keep your website current and up-to-date with new, relevant content, and blogs provide an avenue for adding the latest, trending keywords. 

    Blog content, when it’s freshly published and shared, will drive visitors to your addiction treatment website. Then, via organic searches, traffic will continue to increase due to informative, engaging blog posts.

    Remember that blog content delivers reputable, often-sourced information, advice, and tips to your website visitors. This establishes your brand as being a knowledgeable, respected authority in the field of addiction treatment. 

    Without professional blog content on your website for addiction treatment, you’ll miss out on the enhanced ability to generate positive leads for new patient growth. 

    Addiction Treatment Center SEO

    Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) is still an excellent way for addiction treatment centers to match your facility’s website with its information on how people with substance use disorder can be helped front and center on their internet searches via Google. 

    Regardless of how engaging an addiction treatment center’s website might be, you’ll have a problem attracting traffic to it if patients can’t find the site. It’s typically the first 5 or so search results that users seeking help for drug or alcohol addiction link to. If your addiction treatment website isn’t high on the search engine ranking, potential patients won’t be able to find you easily or quickly.

    SEO is a big piece of the puzzle in terms of digital marketing for alcohol and drug rehab centers. You’ll find it weaved throughout content articles, blog posts, and links, and it also positively affects your Google My Business ranking results. Search engine optimization performed by professionals in healthcare marketing helps boost your addiction treatment center’s visibility and ranking when someone is searching for these services using certain search keywords or phrases. 

    Using SEO for Google searches helps people with substance use disorders and parents of addicts more easily find what they’re looking for in an addiction treatment center. When we use SEO strategies for your drug rehab center, we are able to put your business in front of many more thousands of people every month who are seeking help with addiction. 

    This doesn’t just involve a person looking for an addiction center actually keying in the name of your facility to search for more information about your services. Most people perform a search for rehab services using a particular set of keywords and phrases, some of which are very broad and others that can be quite specific. Our team possesses the unique knowledge that’s relevant to addiction services that let them gain insights into how potential patients are performing their web searches for addiction centers. 

    When a loved one of an addict or a person suffering from addiction types or speaks their queries into a computer or cell phone using Google, SEO is put to work to bring up the most fitting results based on those keywords a person uses to frame their search question. If your addiction treatment center’s website isn’t properly optimized to gain top search rankings, your website will fall below others that are more highly ranked due to more professionally managed SEO strategies. 

    In fact, if your company places low in the Google search results, perhaps not even falling within the first page of results, most internet users may never even know that your addiction center exists. This is why SEO is so important, because, without strategic SEO in play, you’re losing potential clients who are more easily attracted to competing substance abuse centers that rank higher than yours and have a more visible presence in organic internet searches. 

    Instead of your facility appearing on the first page of search results, which most users seeking an addiction center never scroll past, you could be using Blue Interactive’s SEO expertise combined with its other marketing strategies to achieve a higher position on the web. 

    Our SEO team carefully looks at the quality of your website, its content, security, and other important elements to best determine the correct on-site and off-site SEO for positioning your addiction center to drive more traffic, increase your ranking and generate better leads. We consider your target audience and the effectiveness of your website from the professional medical digital marketing perspective.

    Through our expert SEO methods, you’ll boost your addiction center’s online visibility, increase its inbound traffic, produce more leads, attract local traffic, engage your current and potential clients, and establish your authority in the field of substance use disorder treatment.

    Even if you’ve already been using SEO strategies, you still need your website SEO to be tweaked and updated every so often to keep keywords and search phrases current. Our SEO team diagnoses how your website is performing with the SEO currently being deployed. We audit your SEO using analytics to check your site’s performance and where improvements are necessary to meet the most modern search standards. In this way, you’ll find that more patients will be able to actually find your addiction center information, which will, in turn, lead to communication and growth.

    SEO services can boost your visibility during potential patients’ web searches and keep your addiction center website performing at its best.

    Addiction Treatment Social Media Management

    In order to keep your addiction treatment center’s services relevant in today’s world, you must have a large presence on social media. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest are sites people look at nearly every day, often several times a day, to connect with others, share things they’re passionate about, and to look at the most current trends and services available. The majority of people nowadays spend more time on social media sites than they do watching television shows. To reach a wider audience of potential addiction center clients, you need an effective social media presence.

    Internet users, particularly those who will be searching for help with an alcohol or drug addiction, fully expect substance use treatment centers to be present on social media sites. Social media marketing for addiction treatment is vital to establishing your presence on these sites so your team can engage with patients and potential clients every day. 

    Many of today’s social networks are placing more of a priority on content shared by family members and friends, making it more and more difficult for your company’s organic posts to reach people. You need to create interactions that will resonate with potential clients in order to reach followers. We understand that growing your brand’s organic reach encompasses the creation of engaging posts that will inform and intrigue audiences. Our social media management team gains that reach with interesting stories, fascinating videos, and content that inspires interaction among users to comment and share posts with others. 

    Through professional social media management services, Blue Interactive can design data-driven strategies that will provide you with a mix of content for your brand and niche in the healthcare field. Using social media management for your addiction center helps attract and keep new and loyal followers of your brand through the use of an alluring mix of content that ranges from organic posts to paid ads. 

    Of course, as an addiction treatment service, you’ll want your social media posts and engagement with your followers to deliver and exchange the information about the substance use disorder your patients are seeking. This is how our expert social media content engages followers, by providing high-value educational posts that are important to them. These services also drive traffic directly to your website, boosting patient growth, as it also identifies and nurtures leads. We can also partner with influencers in the social media realm to further advance your social media presence.

    Professional social media management for your addiction treatment center’s website sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and others, help protect your organization’s reputation. Through positive interactions with followers and direct management communications, you can avert brand identity crises before problems grow out of proportion due to a poor review or other negative comments. A team of experts can also deliver client services and support via social media avenues, showcasing your healthcare authority concerning substance use disorders and related mental illnesses.

    Through the use of our professional analytics concerning your social media presence, our team will gain greater insights into how your clients or followers perceive your addiction center’s services and interactions. We’re better able to keep an eye on your competition, optimize other social strategies and prove how social media marketing is delivering on your return on investment in our services.

    We use social media marketing for addiction centers as a successful tool for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) organizations, depending upon your objectives. Social media marketing will help your company grow followers, boost engagement and contact, improve sentiment about your facility in general, and establish your company as a thought leader and authoritative source of information. 

    Keeping up with social media management takes time. In fact, it takes a dedicated team of professionals to ensure your content is compelling, current, and trending. It also involves keeping your presence consistent on a daily basis and evaluating the results of your efforts. Hiring a dedicated social media-marketing employee to manage just one channel of advertising in this way isn’t always the practical answer.

    Instead, a team of experienced managers working on SEO for drug rehab centers will deliver the results you’re seeking inpatient growth, especially when used in tandem with branding, social public relations, and other strategies. 

    Addiction Treatment Google My Business Ranking

    Google’s Business page is where your alcohol and drug rehab center needs to be listed so potential patients can find you easily during their searches. Individuals suffering from addiction, and often their parents or loved ones, will most likely seek out addiction treatment centers via a Google search. We can help increase your Google My Business rankings so you can quickly become more visible during these searches, especially in your local areas, which is where people tend to seek out help. 

    Our team at Blue Interactive wants to significantly improve your Google My Business ranking near your addiction treatment center locations. Perhaps your substance abuse center isn’t showing up in relevant searches in your business area. Maybe there’s no link for your center on Google Maps, which will help people suffering from substance use disorder know how far from their location your center is situated. Our team can boost how often people will be able to quickly find your substance abuse center in their local search results. 

    In addition to maximizing your ranking, it’s also important to keep the business information included in your Google My Business listing correct, complete, and appealing to users. All of your business data needs to check for accuracy and details, with the proper hours of operation, contact information, and photographs kept up-to-date. Having your Google My Business listing for addiction treatment professionally managed will ensure all relevant information is current and correct, in addition to managing responses to patient reviews and comments. 

    Google determines your addiction treatment center’s local ranking based on relevance, distance, and prominence. Your business’s profile should match well with a user’s relevant search words. The search results on Google My Business will be displayed based on the distance from the user’s location. The prominence of your ranking in the search results on Google My Business will depend partly on the SEO practices being used and the information Google has about the addiction center from across the internet, including content articles, backlinks, and other marketing techniques, all of which, when combined, help make businesses like yours stand out in patients’ search results. 

    As we optimize your Google My Business profile for better visibility, our digital marketing team gets to work on the complexities involved, such as placing strategic SEO-related keywords and phrases in your profile that will be appropriate and detailed. The areas and towns your addiction center serves, its hours of operation for contact, posts from your social media sites, photos, videos, and a description of your rehab center’s services are all important. In fact, it’s vital that the correct keyword phrases are used here, such as whether your facility is for residential and/or outpatient clients, using terms like OP, IOP, PHP, and other related addiction rehab terms and acronyms. 

    Our digital marketing team understands how critical it is to build the maximum number of citations for your local rehab center, as these citations play an important role in helping your Google My Business listing get closer to the top of local search results. 

    Citations are internet references to your addiction center’s legal name, contact information, and address that are listed on third-party sites like Manta and Yelp. With a Google My Business account that’s professionally managed, we can help you optimize your addiction center for higher ranking in local search results, including a higher ranking on Google Maps. When your listing information is accurate and consistent, across the web, Google better trusts your business. Your social media accounts, including local Yelp listings, reviews, and local keywords, will all need to be used in specialized ways, which when professionally managed, will maximize your exposure and boost your ranking. Our marketing professionals build citations to your Google My Business listing using the same exact wording as the other sites to boost your authority and establish trust in your local listing. 

    Since Google My Business allows for the regular publication of content on your listing, the blog content our team creates for your site can be repurposed for use on your business listing profile. Writing unique content specifically for your Google My Business listing also helps pull in patients. Since these listings are meant for local searches, some people seeking outpatient rehab programs may be hesitant to look for treatment too close to home. When unique content is written for Google My Business that’s geared toward focusing on local patient growth, this can help attract clients who are hesitant to seek help in their local areas. 

    All of this increases your site’s visibility on Google itself, so potential patients and those concerned for their health and well-being can seek treatment or pass on the information by sharing the content they find.

    Don’t forget about those all-important online reviews that can have a huge impact on your rehab addiction center business. Potential patients looking for options that will help them recover from alcohol or drug addiction are looking for others who have achieved success with a particular addiction center’s staff and services. When their internet search brings up your addiction center as one of the top listings in their local area, that’s your Google My Business profile at work once we’ve optimized and added reviews from your clients. 

    Someone seeking help for an addicted loved one or a person looking for rehab services on their own will look carefully at those local search results, especially the starred reviews. The stars are typically on a rating scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best. They relay to potential patients information about their experiences at your rehab facility. This is the sweet spot where users will make up their mind to pick up the phone and call or click to your site for more information. Perhaps they’ll prefer to live chat with a representative or counselor or fill out a form for you to contact them. Either way, your Google My Business profile can truly be a great resource for new patient growth.

    Pay Per Click Marketing For Rehab Centers

    It’s great to have an established and effective presence on the web for a rehab center, but you also need to generate active, high-quality leads that will lead to new patient growth. You can quickly construct excellent leads using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing ad campaigns. 

    Pay-per-click ads are directly targeted to reach the person who is actively looking for substance abuse centers online. This type of marketing advertising reaches your specific audience and delivers relevant lead generation that will directly drive your patient growth. An excellent, professional PPC campaign also helps place your site at the top of search engine results pages. 

    When taking advantage of pay per click marketing, we use specifically chosen keywords combined with a top position in the Google search rankings to help ensure that if a person uses the carefully selected search words “substance abuse centers for alcoholism,” for instance, your addiction facility will show up at the top of their search results.  Our expert team uses the best keywords by researching the most popular search word combinations to provide for higher search volume and lower competition with other sites offering similar services to yours. We also discover the average cost per click to pair you with the right choice of PPC campaign.

    Keep in mind that for your pay-per-click advertising to be a real workhorse, your landing page must be of high quality, as this is where all of the lead traffic will be directed when people click on your ads. Converting the clicks into new rehab center patients requires a landing page that has a direct message, a clear call to action, and contact information that’s simple to find on the page. Your landing page also should include succinct, potent content and have a user-friendly design that’s of high quality. We optimize landing pages for cell phone use, including navigation and share buttons that are simple to click. All of this keeps a person on your page for a longer period of time, often resulting in direct contact and conversions. Each landing page we create is specific only to your PPC campaign. 

    At Blue Interactive, we also match the ad to link with the landing page title to increase traffic and conversions. We’ll build a PPC campaign with ads that redirect users to your landing pages that match what’s been said in the ad, indicating that the user has landed on the correct page. With a limited amount of navigation necessary and a contact form appear on the landing page, your users can easily take that next forward towards addiction recovery. 

    With Google Ads, a PPC campaign delivers a higher Quality Score to your rehab center business, which decreases the cost of your pay-per-click keywords. We also use split testing analysis techniques (A/B Testing) to compare webpage versions so we can tweak the landing page to produce the greatest response and deliver the highest return on investment for you. 

    You can decide to use search engine PPC marketing ads with Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, Facebook, and on various other social media platforms. We can design pay-per-click marketing campaigns for you that will provide you with the quality leads you need right now, at a price that will deliver a great return on the advertising funds spent.

    Your pay per click marketing campaign will help you get even more traffic and genuine leads in addition to the other tools we’ll use to upgrade your website presence, execute branding techniques to attract audiences, use SEO, content marketing, and social media activity in addition to heightening your search rankings with Google My Business.