How to Improve Your Holiday Social Media Campaigns

holiday campaignSocial Media Campaigns for the Holiday Season

Did you know that almost half of the consumers are turning to social media to help them to shop for the upcoming holiday season? Seeing how the holidays are fast approaching, now is the ideal time to launch a marketing strategy that specifically targets holiday shoppers. Whether you prefer to target consumers on Instagram or feel as though Facebook is better tailored to suit your business needs, a social media holiday campaign is the best way to show off everything your business offers.

Strong On-Brand Messaging

The first step in any social media holiday posts is to gain your potential customer’s trust. During a holiday campaign, you should consistently demonstrate your authority in the industry by strong on-brand messaging that specifically targets the type of customer you are trying to entice. If you lack this messaging, you may be missing out on an entire avenue of business growth.

Tell a Story

Many people who may be navigating to your social media account for the first time may be unaware of the unique details of your company’s type of service. Therefore, you must paint them a picture of what they can expect when working with you and your team. Make your company relatable and help them to feel completely comfortable with your approach in your field. Incorporating pictures and strong content while taking this approach is critical. The tone that you take in your content is vital. You must develop the content to make it relatable and easy to understand for a person that may not be in the industry.

Video Content Strategy

Remember, it’s essential not to forget about marketing to clients drawn to certain products through visual prompts instead of written ones. This is why it’s critical that you also include video content in your holiday marketing strategy. Video content is a wonderful B2C marketing strategy that can give clients an excellent visual of what they can expect from your company. You should never make the mistake of developing a choppy or unprofessional video. Instead, you should think through the type of video you want to develop, so it comes across in a way that only attracts new clients.

Think Mobile-First

Although many people still look for certain goods through their desktop computers, the audience of people using their mobile devices for their holiday needs is growing every day. Therefore, you should always check and double-check your overall campaign as well as the layout of your website to ensure it’s 100% mobile-friendly. Do the pictures load correctly on a mobile device? Did you select the type of font that is easy to read on mobile? Does your post load quickly, and does it have the option to bring a client directly to your website? The answer to these questions can make a difference in whether or not a person engages in your campaign or moves on to one of your competitors.

Now is the perfect time to work on developing your holiday social media campaign. The Blue Interactive Agency team has years of experience working with business owners of various industries to fine-tune their social media campaigns so you can target your ideal client during your holiday campaign. We encourage you to reach out to us today at 954-779-2801 and learn more about how you can make your holidays brighter by developing a successful social media campaign.