What Are the Benefits of Google Lighthouse?

Google Lighthouse

How Google Lighthouse Can Boost the SEO of Your Website

  Website development remains an on-going project for any business owner. Over and above updating your website with the latest information for your company or your industry, you also need to improve your site to help it achieve the best search engine ranking possible. One of the most effective methods for tracking your website’s success involves Google Lighthouse. 

Keep reading to learn how this useful and free tool can help you find hits and misses in your website’s performance.  

What Is Google Lighthouse? 

One of the leading reasons many people are turning to Google Lighthouse for guidance in fine-tuning their website is that this tool helps you see your website how Google sees it. For example, if you have concerns about a specific page on your website, you can use the Google Lighthouse tool to help you identify and assess any issues. Once you run your analysis, you can begin to make a list of areas that can be improved or changed on the page or on your site in general that will help its SEO performance.  

What Metrics Does Google Lighthouse Measure?  

Google Lighthouse provides you with a breakdown of your website using a grading system regarding these categories:  

  • Best practices  
  • SEO  
  • Progressive web app  
  • Accessibility  
  • Performance  

The breakdown of these categories is graded anywhere between 0 to 100. Ideally, you will want every aspect of your website to grade anywhere between 90 or 100. If any of the features of your website grade below a 49, you will want to take the time to focus on those features and rerun the analysis to confirm you made accurate corrections.  

How Does Google Lighthouse Work?  

Google Lighthouse will test the speed and other vital statistics like how the user interacts with your website to know exactly what you need to focus on as you continue to update it.   

One of the leading ways that Google Lighthouse can help you improve your website is that this tool tracks how quickly your website loads regardless of whether a potential client is accessing it through a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  

It’s important to understand that the amount of time it takes your website to load is critical in whether or not a client stays on your website. Today, one of the leading ways people search for a service they need involves their phone. Unfortunately, many business owners assume that simply because their website is loading quickly on a desktop computer, it is loading just as soon on a mobile device.  

However, a user’s experience on your website using their mobile device can be vastly different, and it’s vital to cater your website to desktop and mobile users. 

How Blue Interactive Agency Can Help to Improve Your Website 

 The marketing experts at Blue Interactive Agency understand the importance of designing a website that can help your business grow and develop. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to build a site that will help you recognize the goals you have for your company. To learn more about how our team can help you, please call us at 954-779-2801.