How to Find Related Keywords to Create and Optimize Your Content

Related Keywords

What Tools You Can Use to Find Great Keywords for Your Website

Developing your website should always be a central part of your overall business plan. In many cases, interested clients will first look to a specific business’s website before making the trip to a physical business location. This process is why you must do your due diligence to find and use related keywords in the content you create to enhance search engine rankings.

What Are Related Keywords and Why are They Important?

Before you can understand the importance of how using related keywords can help to improve the content on your website, you should have a clear understanding of what related keywords are.

Using the right keywords in your content can boost your website’s ranking through any search engine. This is why you will always want to use keywords that directly relate to the goods or services you provide.

There are several benefits of finding niche-specific keywords. Over and above a higher search engine ranking, you may also notice:

  • An increase in website traffic
  • A growth in your client base
  • Clients that are interested in moving forward with one of your products now instead of in the future
  • A better opportunity to display your expertise in the field

The keywords you decide to use should always be a focal point of your search engine optimization strategy. Although it’s essential to create content that appeals to your clients, the keywords you use will cause your site to appear before other search results.

Ways to Find Related Keywords

One of the easiest ways to find keywords to optimize your content is to add to your website to take advantage of Google. Once you have narrowed down your list of keywords, you should take the time to enter each one of them into the Google search bar. You will quickly notice that Google will provide you with other top hits regarding your initial search. From there, you may want to adjust your keyword list, so it better suits the top searches on Google.

Tools to Find Related Keywords

Many people don’t realize there are free tools you can use to find the best keywords from your site. Some of the top free tools available include:

  • SEMrush Organic Research Tool
  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool
  • WordStream’s SEO Research Tool

Another easy way to find related keywords involves looking at the related search results at the bottom of your Google page after you type in your initial keyword. Looking through these related searches can help you find keywords and adjust what you decide to use.

When using these tools to narrow down your keyword list, you want to make sure you run a search for different keywords more than once. A good rule of thumb is that you should run multiple keyword searches to have a better keyword list.

How Blue Interactive Agency Can Help to Optimize Your Content

The marketing experts at Blue Interactive Agency understand the importance of putting together a search engine optimization strategy that brings the most attention to your business. We work with our clients personally to learn more about their business and brainstorm ways to help your company grow. Give us a call today at 954-779-2801 to learn more about keywords to optimize your content.