6 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

ways to increase website trafficGrow Your Business Via these 6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

If there’s one online marketing goal that companies are focused on today, it’s finding ways to increase website traffic. 55% of companies identify growing traffic to their website as one of their top marketing priorities, according to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Marketing report.  With so many companies competing for online attention, accomplishing this goal is not easy. In fact, 63% of companies find the task of increasing website traffic to be their greatest challenge. If you are not one of the few companies who come up with a viral post that sends thousands of visitors to your site overnight, you are going to have to invest some time and effort to grow your website traffic. Our marketing staff has found the six methods listed below are best ways to increase website traffic. Invest the time and effort to do them consistently, and you will see the number of visitors to your website climb.

1. Update your SEO strategy

SEO strategies should take center stage in any discussion about how to increase web traffic. Most people never look past the first page of search results, so making sure your website reaches and remains in the highest possible spot on SERP is your first task. SEO strategies need to be maintained and updated constantly to be effective. Trending words used in search change over time, and Google and the other search engines constantly tweak their algorithm. The best way to keep current with these changes is by establishing an SEO action plan to update your website through daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

2. Optimize your website for voice search

If you aren’t already incorporating voice searches into your SEO strategies, you should definitely start now. Think of how you found this blog. Odds are good that instead of typing “increase website traffic” into a browser, you directed Alexa or Siri to “Tell me how to increase traffic to my site.” Adding the long-tail phrases used in voice search is the only way to get your website to appear in voice search results. Incorporate these phrases into every page on your website and throughout all your content marketing to achieve the biggest gain in website traffic.

3. Develop a coordinated content marketing strategy

Content marketing is one of the most reliable ways to increase web traffic. Developing a coordinated content marketing strategy using several different media types will produce the biggest gain in website visitors. Publish a daily or weekly blog. Develop older blogs into infographs, checklists, and e-books to use as give-aways. Produce videos to publish on Youtube and use in social posts. Remember to apply SEO to all your content to drive traffic.

4. Use social marketing to promote your site

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the other social networking sites have a proven ability to drive traffic to websites. Every blog you write, every guest post you publish, and every new product or service you add should be promoted in social postings that link to your website. Include intriguing video clips, GIFs, or photos in your posts to catch people’s attention so they will click through to your website for more information.

5. Drive repeat visits with email marketing

Email newsletters keep your company top of mind with established customers. This is useful because it gives you a way to increase web traffic without having to reach new clients. You can encourage repeat visits to your website through the offer of discounts and incentives, such as free checklists, infographics, or e-books.

6. Use PPC ads to increase website traffic fast

If you want a way to increase website traffic in a hurry, pay per click ads are highly effective. Using PPC ads on search engines and social networking sites (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.) is not going to build sustainable traffic for your site because the ads only appear for a set number of searches or impressions, but they will produce a spike in website traffic. If you are looking to sell a particular service or product, drive reservations, or introduce your website to new customers, PPC ads will drive an increase in web traffic that will accomplish your goal.

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