Using a Monthly SEO Checklist to Rise in Ranking

How to improve organic search ranking in 6 easy steps

Monthly SEO ChecklistLooking for a way to raise your website’s organic search ranking? A monthly SEO checklist is a great way to start! Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a “set and forget” marketing strategy, because the factors that determine your website’s organic search ranking are constantly changing. Google and the other search engines continually tweak their algorithms to make them more effective. The phrases and words that customers use when they perform searches change over time. And the backlinks that search engines love can become out of date as companies redesign their websites and change their URLs. That means that if you want your website to gain and maintain a high position in organic search results, you need to update your website SEO on a regular basis. To make this process as simple as possible, Blue Interactive Agency has put together this easy 6-step monthly SEO checklist. It addresses all the key on-page and off-page SEO issues to help your site gain the rise in ranking you want to see.

  1. Find the latest trending keywords
    Perform keyword research and analysis to discover the latest trending keywords that your customers are using as they search for information, products, and services in your industry. Don’t forget your mobile customers! Remember to research the casual, long-tail phrases that mobile customers use in their verbal searches.
  2. Analyze your competition’s SEO
    Competitor SEO analysis is a critical step when you are trying to figure out how to improve organic search ranking. Find out which keywords, phrases, and backlinks are performing well for your competition. You may find some keywords and phrases that you completely overlooked when devising your search strategy. Search for tweaks that will make your search strategies more effective, and incorporate your findings to improve your SEO strategy.
  3. Update your website with the new keywords and phrases
    Go through your website page by page and incorporate the latest trending keywords and phrases. Make sure you update your keywords in all essential places:
    • Page titles
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Alt tags on images and videos
    • Copy / content
  4. Strategic backlink analysis
    You should analyze and create new links to reputable websites within and adjacent to your industry on a monthly basis. This is a key metric that search engines consider when assigning positions in organic search results.
  5. Search engine submission
    Verify that all the new pages on your website have been submitted to the major search engines. This is a critical step to ensure the search engines include your pages in their search results.
  6. Run website diagnosis
    Run Google Webmaster Tools or another website analysis program to check the performance of your website. Be sure to check all areas of your website, looking for any performance errors that may have developed over the past month including:
    • Menu errors – incorrect or missing links
    • Navigation errors – 404 pages, redirection errors
    • blocked by robots.txt errors

If you would like some assistance putting this monthly SEO action plan into effect, Blue Interactive Agency is here to help. Our experienced SEO marketers can provide you with everything you need to help your website gain a higher organic search ranking. You can choose the exact level of SEO service you need, from a complete monthly SEO maintenance package to individual SEO services such as keyword analysis, strategic link building services, expert SEO copywriting services, and more.

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