Top 4 WordPress Plugins for SEO

wordpress plugins for seo

Must-Have SEO Tools

WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms when it comes to developing a comprehensive website. There are countless features associated with a WordPress site which, overall, makes it incredibly user friendly. One of the best things about a WordPress site are the plugins that you can use which can help to make the process of implementing an SEO strategy that much easier. That being said, it’s important to highlight the fact that you should never exclusively rely on these SEO plugins to make your strategy successful. For example, while it’s true that some SEO plugins can provide you with guidance regarding keywords, you will still need to take on the task of putting in time to put together the research and develop relevant content which will help to enhance your rankings. However, as part of the SEO tools that you have in your arsenal, you should always be aware of the variety of SEO tools, such as WordPress plugins, that would be available to you. 

Does WordPress Need SEO Plugins?

If you’re developing a website with the intention of also developing an SEO strategy, then the answer of whether or not you should have WordPress plugins for SEO is yes. While the WordPress platform, on a whole, is incredibly user friendly, the reality is that there are some limitations to it unless you install certain plugins. It’s important to remember that there are likely different variations of these plugins meaning that some of them may be free while others you may need to pay off. Often, the free plugins are just as good as the paid versions. 

Something else that you will want to be aware of is the fact that in order for these plugins to be effective, they will need to be updated from time to time. A great feature of WordPress is the fact that the platform will alert you to when your plug in is out of date. Typically, updating the plug is a matter of simply authorizing the update with a click. 

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

  1. Since there are so many SEO plugins for WordPress, it can feel overwhelming to try to determine which are the best options for you. This is why we have taken the liberty of breaking some of these options down for you. Remember, we are always here to guide you through the choices that are available when it comes to the best WordPress plugins for SEO. Here are are top picks: 
    • YoastSEO
      YoastSEO is one of the best and most well known SEO plugins to use for WordPress. There is an abundance of flexibility and features associated with this plug over and above the fact that it is incredibly user friendly. For example, this plug in gives you the option to quickly and easily adjust your SEO title tag, meta description and URL structure all in one place. In addition, it will count the characters that you have in each of these features so that you can stay in line with certain SEO recommendations. 
    • W3 Total Cache
      Did you know that your overall site speed is something that could have an impact on your SEO? If you’re concerned about your site speed, W3 Total Cache is something that you should add to your WordPress site. The catch to this tool, however, is that the set up can be challenging. While it’s worth the work to add it to your site, the best thing for you to do is partner with an SEO company who can help to manage this aspect of your SEO plan on your behalf. 
    • SEMrush Writing Assistant
      Producing high quality content is the cornerstone of any SEO strategy. This is something that can be challenging at times, particularly when you’re focused on ranking well. However, by utilizing the SEM Writing Assistant tool, you can increase your chances of your content ranking better. This tool will assess the subject matter as well as the content that you’re putting together in real time and provide you with guidance when it comes to making adjustments to help it achieve the rankings that you want to see. 
    • SEOPress
      This plugin is a great option for business owners who are interested in adjusting their website to enhance user experience and need to optimize their site in bulk. SEOPress offers an all in one package which means that you will have access when it comes to options for adding schema, optimizing meta descriptions, and instant indexing. Another great feature of this plugin is the fact that you will also be able to check for broken links from one dashboard. Broken links are something that can hinder your SEO efforts so it’s important that you periodically check for them. 

    It’s key to know that these plugins should always be used in conjunction with other SEO tools that are available to you such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. In many cases, you can link these plugins to these Google tools for added value to your SEO strategy. At that point, the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities for your growth and reach online. 

What Do SEO Plugins Do?

The simple answer to the question of what SEO plugins do is that they make your life easier as you work on and develop your SEO strategy. Instead of guessing at certain aspects of your strategy, an SEO plugin can make the answer to many of the issues that you have with your SEO strategy more straightforward. Although WordPress is an easy platform to use when it comes to developing a website, the reality is that without certain plugins, you will be limited in the different features that you have for the site. 

Further, SEO plugins can help to give you the tools that you need as you’re putting your SEO strategy in place and help you to maintain it going forward. For example, there are many SEO tools which will actually grade the SEO of your blog posts. Not only that, but these plugins will provide you with insight as to what you can do to improve these posts so that they are more SEO friendly. 

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