Top 3 Mistakes Small Businesses Still Make on Social Media

social media for small business

Why Social Media Marketing Is Still Key

Social media is something that has taken off over the years. Whereas social media was originally something that was used primarily on a personal basis, the reality is that social media for small business uses is something that has also grown by leaps and bounds. But is social media marketing still key? Yes, social media marketing is still key for a number of reasons:

  • Reach: With billions of active users, social media platforms offer an unparalleled opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience.
  • Targeting: Most social media platforms offer advanced targeting options that allow you to reach specific groups of people based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  • Engagement: Social media allows businesses to directly engage with their customers and build relationships with them. This can help to increase brand loyalty and customer retention.
  • Customer service: Social media is a quick and effective way for businesses to handle customer inquiries and complaints. This can help to improve the customer experience and build trust in the brand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Social media marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach and engage with customers, especially when compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • Real-time updates: Social media allows businesses to share updates and news with their audience in real-time, helping to keep them informed and engaged.

Overall, social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help businesses to reach and engage with their customers, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

3 Mistakes Your Small Business Is Making on Social Media

Social media has an abundance of things that can offer your business which is why it’s strongly recommended that, regardless of the industry that you’re in, you take full advantage of social media for small businesses. However, it’s critical that you avoid inevitable mistakes such as: 

Inconsistent Posting

Consistency is key to building a strong brand and maintaining an engaged audience. This means posting regularly and using the same tone and voice across all of your social media channels. There are many people who make the mistake of posting occasionally or once a week. This will not get you noticed or seen by your target audience. instead, it will likely result in your account remaining stagnant. 

Targeting The Wrong Audience

One of the costliest mistakes that you can make when it comes to social marketing for small businesses is to target the wrong audience. This mistake is something that could result in you wasting time by attracting the wrong type of client. A good rule of thumb is to sit down and make a list of the type of clients that you would like to attract. Your next step is to do some competitor analysis. Take the time to look through the social media profiles of other people that are in your industry or companies that you would like to aspire to be like when it comes to your social media presence. 

Keep in mind that your target audience may change over time which is understandable. The key is to continue tracking your engagement to ensure that you are hitting the right tone with your strategy. There may be wording or images that you will want to readjust as time goes on so being conscious of this is critical. 

Posting Boring Content

Social media is a two-way conversation. It’s important to respond to comments, messages, and reviews from your followers. This helps to build trust and establish a personal connection with your audience. People can spot inauthenticity a mile away. It’s important to be genuine and transparent on social media and to avoid being overly promotional or spammy.

It’s also important to track the responses that you get to the content that you post. Various social media platforms provide a wide range of tracking tools which is something that can ultimately make this process easier. This is something that will also help you to narrow in on other factors in your posting including making sure that your content hits the right tone. 

Social Media Marketing at Blue Interactive Agency

The team at Blue Interactive Agency are well versed in the ins and outs of social media marketing. We take great pride in avoiding many of the pitfalls that many small businesses face when it comes to social media and take the time to provide guidance and insight when it comes to the process of putting a social media marketing strategy that works best for you. Regardless of whether you have tried to put together a social media marketing plan together in the past or this is your first time attempting this new marketing strategy, the Blue team is here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about your options and the ways that we can assist you!