Is TikTok Becoming a Search Engine?

Is TikTok Becoming a Search Engine?

How TikTok Is Changing Web Search

It’s undeniable that social media has grown by leaps and bounds since its original inception. For example, Facebook was once thought of as more of a website specifically for college students. However, today people of a wide range of different age groups use the platform on a regular basis. Social media apps are expanding to provide an entire category of people with new search results in a format that they prefer. There are many individuals who would rather watch a video that they find on TikTok instead of reading through the results and hoping that what they are reading gives them the information that they need.

Who Uses TikTok The Most?

Studies show that Gen Z is the generation that typically uses TikTok the most. While the videos are entertaining, more and more Gen Z’s are using TikTok as a search engine. Thanks in large part to the search feature on the app and the way that you can upload a video, TikTok is slowly but surely becoming an effective way for this generation to search and find information. 

TikTok vs Google

It’s important to recognize that there is a marked difference between TikTok and Google when it comes to search results. Until recently, Google focused on providing written results when it came to different searches that a person may perform. However, Google is slowly changing its options to provide a searcher with options for videos or images as part of their results. The changes that Google is making, however, still don’t take away from the Gen Z age group looking for an app that they use every day for information that they are looking for. Instead of reading through results, a person can simply watch a video and quickly and easily absorb the information that they are searching for. 

The Future of Online Search and Discovery

The fact that a wide range of people are looking to TikTok and other social media apps for their online searching is a concept that will likely only continue to grow and develop. There may be certain details that a person may feel more comfortable getting through the traditional form of searching on Google while there may be other searches that offer a more practical method of watching a video to ascertain information. 

With this in mind, it’s important for businesses to understand that they should develop a search engine optimization strategy that compensates for both types of search strategies. There are many businesses that make the mistake of utilizing just one option or the other because they feel more comfortable with one option. When you work with an experienced digital marketing agency, they can help you to put together a strategy that incorporates both a written and visual search engine strategy which can help to get you recognized by potential clients on a wider scale. 

Improve Your Search Strategy with Blue Interactive Agency

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