Benefits Of Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords

Benefits of Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords

What Are Zero Search Volume Keywords?

In many cases, if a person is doing keyword research and they happen to come across a zero volume keyword, they will typically case it aside and focus on the big ticket options. However, these zero-volume keyword phrases can actually be helpful when it comes to your industry. No or low search keywords are often long tail and hyper-focused keywords that keyword tools simply don’t have enough data on. Just because they are no or low volume, however, doesn’t mean that they should be discarded from your search engine optimization strategy entirely.

Why Use Zero Search Volume Keywords

Although keyword tools provide you with excellent SEO insights, you should never overlook the importance of using no or low-volume keywords in your overall strategy. While it’s true that you may not want to use these types of keywords for the title tags or make them the focus of your overall SEO strategy, there can prove to be great value in using them when it comes to other important aspects of your SEO plan. Here are just a few of the reasons why zero or low-volume keywords should never be overlooked when it comes to an SEO strategy in any industry:

Increased Organic Traffic

Although you may not get a ton of traffic from zero-volume keywords, there is a strong possibility that you could see an increase in your organic traffic results which is the goal of any client or SEO company. These keywords can also open the door to other keywords or other SEO insights that you can incorporate into your strategy. Don’t forget that these zero-volume keywords must be used with keywords that do have a search volume in order for this strategy to work. Trying to exclusively rely on zero-volume keywords is something that would never be recommended.


If there is a certain service that you offer and find that there are questions people ask about those services or information, you may want to consider using these low but targeted keywords to drive traffic to your site. There is always the possibility that even just one client searching for that term, could result in a great opportunity for you and your company.

Less Competition

One of the best reasons why you should use zero-volume keywords in your strategy is due to the fact that you will likely have much less competition when it comes to that specific keyword. Keep in mind that just because there is no data on that keyword doesn’t mean that people aren’t searching for it. However, the way that most companies (including SEO companies) view zero-targeted keywords is that they are not worth their time. Therefore, there are some SEO companies that don’t even bring the opportunity up to their clients.

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