Press Releases Aren’t Dead – Here’s Why

Press Releases Aren't Dead Here's Why Blue Interactive AgencyPublic Relations in 2022

There are many business owners who are under the common misconception that public relations tools such as press release campaigns are completely out of date. After all, who reads press releases anymore? While it’s true that your target audience may not read the traditional paper press release, if you aren’t developing online press releases or a series of press release campaigns, you may be missing out on informing current clients and capturing potential clients. In 2022, you can develop an entire digital marketing campaign with revolves around putting together online press releases which can produce an abundance of benefits.

Press Releases Boost SEO Traffic

One of the leading advantages of incorporating press releases into your overall search engine optimization marketing strategy. When you send out an online press release, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Digital press releases should always include a direct link to your website. This way, if a client or a potential client is interested in learning more about your company or reading through your marketing blogs, they have quick and easy access. Keep in mind that you should always have a catchy subject line on your digital press releases to entice a client not only to open the e-mail but to actually read it.

Press Releases Share Breaking News About Your Business

Are you looking for a unique way to announce the launch of a new addition to your company? Maybe you have new website development changes or you have added a new service to your company? Putting together official statements or press release campaigns to announce these new changes can certainly help your company get noticed. Although your press release content may not always revolve around breaking news, keeping your target audience up to date with these new changes through official statements can help to keep you relevant not only in front of current clients but potential clients that may have signed up to receive your online press releases but have not completely committed to moving forward with the services that you have to offer. As top marketers, you can truly the digital marketing team at Blue Interactive to provide you with the insight that you need to capture the attention of your audience about breaking news press releases.

Press Releases Expand Public Knowledge

One of the best things about online press releases or press releases, in general, is the fact that this form of content marketing and digital marketing can help to expand public knowledge about a topic that is specific to your industry. Press releases can not only help you to raise brand awareness about your own company but you can use them as a way to express yourself as an industry professional. Whether you talk about current market trends or a new development, there is literally no end to topics covered in press releases.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency for Your PR Needs

When it comes to developing a digital marketing strategy that incorporates not only online press releases but also a comprehensive search engine optimization strategy, the marketing strategy experts at Blue Interactive Agency are second to none. Not only do we have experience in developing online press releases but we can also help you to develop other digital marketing strategies that will help you to promote your business. Whether you’re looking to expand your presence on social media or you need to breathe new life into your content marketing strategy, our team will share SEO secrets with you that will help to get you on top in both Google local searches as well as help you to develop options for a press release to promote your business and hit your lead generation goal. For more information about our marketing strategy or the different types of press releases, please get in touch with us at 954-779-2801.