4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Blogs

marketing blogEvery Blog Should Be a Niche

Content marketing should be a significant factor in the overall SEO strategy that you build for your company. The marketing blog content you add to your site will help you get ranked by different search engines and help you demonstrate that you have knowledge and authority in the industry. In turn, you will be able to gain the trust and confidence of potential clients and keep current clients’ business.

When you’re developing a marketing blog strategy, you should always try to plan ahead. Scheduling blog topics a month out can help you keep track of subjects you’re covering and the messaging you want to convey.

Keep in mind that every blog associated with your content marketing strategy should be niche, meaning that it should be specific to your industry. Whether you put together a long-form blog or blogs that are just over 600 words, every marketing blog should revolve around a central service you want to rank for.


The next part of the marketing blog process should be to research what potential clients are searching for regarding the services you offer. This process will determine the focus of your blog, and it will also help you find keywords you want to use in your content marketing strategy. There may be several similar keywords you should pepper into your content, giving you a higher chance of ranking for more than one search term.

You may find a popular search term among potential clients that you didn’t think of before during your research. As a result, this could change the entire course of your planning process and take you in a different and more lucrative direction.

Long-Form Blogs

There may be specific marketing blogs you should develop as long-form blogs. One of the reasons why this type of blogging remains popular is because it gives you more opportunities to use your main keywords more often or have a better chance to use more keywords in general. Long-form blogs are precisely that—longer than a traditional blog. In most cases, a typical blog is just about 600 words. However, a long-form blog can be anywhere over 1,500 words. While it may seem tedious to have a blog like this, they can definitely pack a punch when it comes to SEO value.

Infographics in Your Blog

While having a high word count may be great for SEO purposes, it’s essential not to overlook the power that infographics can have in your blog as well. An infographic allows you to break up the content in your post while still providing readers with important information related to the subject matter. Developing a few infographics into your blog is a great starting point if you have a longer blog. For shorter blogs, you can focus on incorporating at least one.

Catchy Blog Headlines

You always want to develop blog headlines that will catch readers’ attention. Keep in mind that you are creating information that is already available and adding your own spin on it. Therefore, it’s critical that you also develop headlines that will set you apart from any other business talking about a similar subject. Using power words in your headlines is a great way to accomplish this goal.

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