EDITORIAL: The Best Social Media Tools of 2021

The Best Social Media Tools of 2021

In a recent blog, Semrush posted about some must-try social media tools that can make various aspects of social media marketing a little easier for digital marketing pros and the businesses who employ them. We’ll explore some of these compelling tools and examine why you might want to try them. 

Here is an excerpt from the blog:

The 14 Best Social Media Tools (Some Are Even Free)

By Michelle Ofiwe, published by Semrush, April 26, 2021

“If you’ve ever developed a social media strategy, you know how important it is to get it right. Social media marketing requires a mix of data-based activities like tracking analytics and creative tasks, such as designing graphics.

However, you can always simplify your marketing processes with specialised social media tools. Today’s social media tools make it easier than for you to manage posting to, tracking, and optimizing your social media accounts…

Choosing the right tool for social media can take quite some time. There are a wealth of tools available to you, whether you’re new to social, working with a budget, or working with a team…

Each of these tools offers you a different marketing opportunity, from content creation to custom reporting, scheduling, and more…

The best social media management tools allow you to manage every aspect of your social media marketing strategy in one place. While there are some free tools available in this list, “all in one” management tools tend to come with a monthly subscription cost, so keep this in mind when selecting tools to manage your social channels.”


So What Are The Best Social Media Tools of 2021:

One of the helpful things about this blog post besides from the actual social media tools it discusses is that it provides a terrific range of resources in terms of functionality and pricing. You’ll find everything from free tools to tools that cost $800 per month. However, most of the pricing for each tool is under $100 per month, which makes these tools affordable even for small businesses and startups who want to streamline and improve their social media marketing endeavors. 

As the excerpt suggests, the list includes tools that focus on different functions related to social media marketing. There are some comprehensive management tools like the Semrush Social Media Toolkit and scheduling tools like Sendible. The pricey $800 per month Hubspot marketing hub is a robust tool that does more than social media and features powerful analytics, but Google Analytics, also listed, is a cutting edge tool that’s completely free. 

Additionally, the author includes tools for social ‘listening’ and content creation. So, what’s best for your needs? Each of the tools is worthy of mention, but in order to select well, you’ll need to decide if you want an all-in-one type of system like Hubspot or the Semrush toolkit or if you can make do with just one or two stand-alone features that can complement what you’re already doing to manage your social media presence effectively. 

Still not sure? Blue Interactive Agency can help you find the right mix for managing your business’s online and social media presence. Working with an agency like Blue, allows you to not only have tools for social media or other online marketing aspects, but will let an expert help manage these tools to improve your marketing efforts. While we can tackle these jobs for you with our customized digital marketing solutions, we can also consult with you to help you improve your own digital strategies. Call us to learn more.